Calling All Irish TT's and Looking for Info on What to Expect! - Ireland, IE

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Hi everyone I've been stalking most of you...

Hi everyone

I've been stalking most of you for a couple of months now. Here's a bit about me: I live in ireland , was a young mum to 2 babies, the second weighing a massive 9lbs 13oz and like alot of you, I have hidden my belly since. I have severe stretch marks (I'll upload the horendous evidence soon). I'm 38 years old and have tried everything to get rid of this wrinkly old ladies belly. I weigh 145lbs and am 5ft 7.

The decider came a few months ago when I was on holidays in Spain. I looked around the pool at all the other mothers with their little bikinis and perfect stomachs and then looked down at my MASSIVE swimming costume and thought 'this is so unfair'...gotta be some way of getting rid of I came home and made it my mission to investigate and I came across this site.

After reading all of your stories , laughing and crying and agreeing, I met with a surgeon 2 weeks ago. When I walked in, he said 'you do not need a tummy tuck' I told him to hold fire until I took off my top...needless to say, he told me to lay down.... anyway, I would like to know firstly if there are any Irish TTckers here?? And if so, who was your Dr, how was your experience?? For International TTckers...IS IT REALLY WORTH IT???? I have another consulation in November and IF I decide to do it, the surgery will be next Feb....All advice is appreciated girls!!

Dr Ismael

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