30 YO No Kids - Small 32A - Looking for a D/DD - Ireland

Hi, I'm 30 yo, I have always had a flat chest and...

I'm 30 yo, I have always had a flat chest and it was always an issue for me. I don't like the way I look nude or with clothes as I feel not feminine at all, if you see the pictures of my current / 'before' situation you will agree.

I finally decided to go for a breast augmentation. I'm 174 cm tall and 55/56 kg (5.7 feet tall 123 lbs).
I went to see my plastic surgeon two weeks ago and I choose 350 implants gummy bear tear drop in polyurethane . I have my surgery booked for August when I'm back from my holidays . I'm looking for a D or DD result, I don't see myself with a bay watch round look ,that's why I opted for a teardrop shape to achieve a more natural result . I know most of these choices depends most likely of the Brest that you start with anyway.
The PS suggested to have the incision under the breast, and to go above the muscle.
I read that going above the muscle can give more unnatural result and it looks much more obvious but it's less painful for the recovery.
I found very difficult to find pictures 'before and after ' above the muscle .
I'm quite unsure now , cause I would like to achieve the more natural look I can. I have to go in for a second consultation, but if anyone can give me their advice it would be great. I do like to understand more why in my case it's better to go above the muscle and not below.
This website is great, I don't feel alone and I'm more confident in PS since I read so many positive experiences, thanks for sharing :)

All done :) 395cc Anatomical - Above

Hello ladies,
it's finally all done ? I have had my op yesterday and everything went well.
All the staffs at the Clinic was amazing, they were really looking after me very well, I was not nervous as I thought I was in good hands. Before the op they took my blod, my urine, check my pressure, my oxygen levels and everything was looking good.
I saw doctor Salman again; he took measurements again and draw on me. He brought the implants; we checked again the size and the type etc. I met the two anesthesiologists, the nurses, they were introducing themselves, asking me questions and they were trying to make me feel comfortable, while I was waiting my turn to be operated.
After the OP, I was still in the op room, they kept monitoring me and again we were chatting away ?
I was moved then to my bed. Everything was nice, tidy and clean. They moved me gently into my bed, again they kept my vital signs under control, they put a bra on me, asked me if I want something to eat/drink. I can’t thank enough the doctor and the staff, as they made my experience great – I was really scared of going ‘under the knife’, but all my fears went away when I realized who was taking care of me.
Even after the op, the anaesthesiologists and the other nurses came to see me and asked me how I felt.
I was out of the clinic by 19:00. The gave me my prescriptions and also a ‘boobs’ passport which states which implants I have, the brand, the type, the model, the size etc.
After the OP I could already walking by myself, I dressed up by myself no problem and I was not feeling too dizzy.
Of course I’m in pain, which is not so bad, I did not take any painkiller yet, as for the moment I can stand it. I thought it would have been much worst.

The Boobs looks swallow and they look exactly like 1st day post op boobs – I will post some pictures later – I don’t have bruises yet, I wonder if they will come up later...I know the shape of them is going to change over time, so I’m not so worried – Thanks to all the reviews I have read and all yours before/after pictures, I went through this journey very well prepared.
I also want to thank all the members of this website. I think its great so many women supporting and helping each other through this experience.
I told to some of my gfs that I was having a ‘boob job’ and they were not supportive at all. I have done this to finally feel better with myself, to finally feel feminine and have some breast. Some people maybe can’t understand that, but I was waiting for my boobs to grow since I was a child and never happened – I was always flat and I really did not like my chest all and I always found it frustrating wearing bras which I would never fill... I don’t know why I have to be judged negatively just because I’m giving myself the opportunity to be happy . At one point I was told by one of my gfb ‘everybody will notice that’s the entire point’...I’m not doing this for other people or to be noticed by other people. Of course with certain type of clothes on you can draw some attention, but that’s not the point at all. I did not spend thousands of euro and went under general anaesthetic and through the pain so other people will notice’ and they will point at me thinking ‘look she has boobs’. I did it to feel better with my body, for myself and I’m very happy that I did go through the surgery and I don’t regret my decision.
It’s pretty silly that ‘some’ people think about BA with such superficiality, they think we are the superficial ones, when they are being superficial by not thinking over why a person would actually go under surgery and how traumatic and difficult this experience can be – we are literally changing our body and it’s not a decision that you can take lightly or a decision we take because so ‘people will notice’.
Luckily I have a very supportive husband and some more supportive friends and of course ‘the realself’ members. It was very good for me joining this community, as I could see myself and my thought in your reviews, same fears, same doubts, same reasons why decide to go under surgery. It really helped me a lot to finally go forward and book my surgery.
If anyone is from Ireland, I definetly recommend Auralia clinic and doctor Salman. I will keep you updated with my progress and with before and after pictures.
I hope my review will help other women going through this journey.
Thanks for the support and thanks a mill for sharing.

Some Pictures

First day Post op - I'm not great in taking selfies...

More Pictures

Second day Post Op

Not sure what's wrong

Hi there,
Tomorrow it's a week since my BA and my left breast looks and feels great, no pain at all and feels very good .
My right one is another story unfortunately . I know they would have healed at different pace, but the right one is still swollen on the side and I get pain from moving my arm - the pain is ok but I don't know if I should still feel anything at this stage and I did not experience that with my left one - plus I knew that over the muscle would have had a faster recovery time. The pain is mostly in the side of breast.
When I touch my right breast I can feel bumps and the implant edges lot while on the left side I can barely feel the implant ; moreover the shape of the right one is much rounder than the left - which is kind of scary cause I know the anatomical textures implant do not drop o fluff as the other ones - and I was not expecting to get a round - even temporary - shape when choosing the anatomical implants...
I feel very depressed; I have one breast that looks and feel awesome and another one that is the opposite . I do not feel bumps or edges on the left ones.

I don't know even know why there is such big difference in shape and feel and I'm not sure if time will correct that or if I need another surgery, which is a pain and also how soon my body can stand another surgery ...
I have my post op appointment in two days. I really don't know what to expect.
I'm very scared cause I don't know if in my case time will help or make it just worse
Maybe the implant did not adhere so much as on the other side ? I can't explain while I feel the edges so much and the bumps .
If it was just swollen and more painful I could be more relaxed about it.
But it's swollen, I feel bumps, it's painful and the shape is not as the other one .
I did not tell my parents cause I did not want to worry them - they don't even know I had the op cause they are really 'old school' and they wouldn't have understood. My husband is very supporting and says that I should give it time but I don't see how time can change the round shape of my right breast Implant in something better.
I can feel the shadow of the implant all around . I knew I would have seen some but not that much that gives the round look - which was the look I wanted to avoid .
The entire thing is making me feel so depressed .


Pictures of my current situation below.

All good !

So I went to the see doctor Salman and he reassured me that I have just liquid in my right breast that they are pushing the implant that's why it looks round and I have more pain/discomfort there .
Once it heals it should be looking like the other one. He told me that in 6wks they will look much different . So I have just to be patient and wait...and I'm not very good with 'patience ' and I'm usually very anxious person .
I'm glad I don't have any infection or haematoma or any type of complication.
The doc was very happy for they way the looked now after just 8 days after the surgery .
Maybe it wasn't healthy staying home a week after the surgery on my own, as I was just getting obsessed with my breasts and looking at it a lot . I should have kept myself busy instead of thinking continuously about the worst case scenario for my new boobs :)
Now I will try to not look at them as much and just wait .

I'll post more pictures in the following weeks,but I think I will take a break from my 'booby obsession' and I will try to relax :)

5wks post op

Hello there,
5wks post op pictures here .
I really like my new breast but I wish I would
Have gone smaller as I'm not as free of wearing everything I want. I used to wear very tight tshirt which were fine with a small breasts, but with these big boobs now I fear I can look a bit over the top or vulgar. I'm a Full 34D .I really don't want to downgrade now and go for a second op to make them smaller as the recovery period and time off the workout is too long. From my experience it's better don't go as big as you can . I'm one of the few who wishes have gone smaller !

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