IPL for Sunspots Left Me Very Blotchy, Now Must Pay 1750 to Fix!!

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IPL for sunspots on my chest has been a nightmare....

IPL for sunspots on my chest has been a nightmare. I am left with big white, rectangular white marks on my neck and chest. I am 3 wks out and have consulted with 2 plastic surgeons and a dermatologist. Dermatologist said this should never have been done on my skin since I was tan. He also took pictures to show his residents as cosmetic procedures gone wrong. 1st plastic surgeon said this was "malpractice" and he has never seen this in person. He also commented that the pigment cells may be dead and if I ever get sun on my chest, it could show up even worse. 2nd plastic surgeon just looked at it and shook his head saying, this is why I don't do IPL, he said If I was black or indian I would be permanently damaged. He is going to "fix" it with the affirm c02 laser for 1750.00. I had a friend that has had this procedure done with him, she had remarkable results. You can see pictures of my chest 3 days after IPL on another post. I will post before and after pics of c02 after it is completed. This has been very depressing, I had IPL done several years ago but I was not tan and I had good results. This recent IPL was done by a facialist and I questioned her about doing it on my skin as I was still tan but she said it wouldn't be a problem. She still looks at it and says it is ok and she will do the tan areas around the rectangular areas to fix it. I said "no way". I will pay the 1750 to have this fixed because I know it can't look worse than it does right now. Don't do this procedure if you are dark complected, tan or have recently used self tanner. Also, use a reputable Plastic surgeon or Dermatologist, not a facialist. Amazing that they will let anyone do this procedure. I did this to look good to see my high school sweetheart next week, HA! I look like a freak wearing turtlenecks in 90 degree weather. I would give anything to go back to the skin I had, thank God she didn't do my face!

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this was not a dr, it was an aestician

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