Fat Loss/sagging/permanent Puffiness from IPL

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At first I was okay with the results, skin seemed...

At first I was okay with the results, skin seemed a little clearer, although I had a puffy areas underneath both eyes. But over the next number of weeks, it became clear that something had gone terribly wrong. The skin that had been treated became bumpy and dented and I developed nasolabial folds that were never there before and the puffiness under the eyes did not go away. I finally realized that I was losing fat from my face, and it was leaving me saggy and uneven. I know it is from the IPL because I have a demarcation line around my jaw right where the doctor began the laser.

To make things worse, I definitely feel I was pressured into having this procedure done. The nurse that helped me prior said she didn't think I needed it, but the doctor came in and just immediately said "Okay let's do it today." Big mistake.

I've heard a lot of similar stories, so do your research before getting any type of laser/IPL done.

San Diego Dermatologist

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