Not Sure About Results Yet, but It Definitely Hurt Bad.

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Just wanted to prepare/warn people about how...

Just wanted to prepare/warn people about how painful IPL really is. I am a 33 year old man with a pretty decent pain threshold. I just had the procedure done on my cheeks and nose. I read that it feels like a rubber band snapping on your face. I felt like it was a bit worse than that. More like being stung by a bee with a stinger made of fire 200 times. I am not trying to influence anyone, just wish I had been better prepared for the pain. On the bright side, there is only a little bit of blistering on my nose. I don't see any crazy side effects. It just looks like I have a sunburn. I won't be leaving the house today and probably not Saturday or Sunday either. I will write again when I have time to see results.

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Incredible dermatologist performed the procedure. I totally trust her and I am sure the results will be good.

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