Loved the Results - Just Too Damn Expensive to Keep It Up!!

I was a sun worshipper, and as a result developed...

I was a sun worshipper, and as a result developed a very uneven skin tone, small broken blood vessels around my nose and upper cheeks, large pores, etc. My dermatologist suggested IPL and agreed to do it in my affected areas only (instead of the entire face) to keep the cost down ($150 per treatment instead of $300). I had 3 or 4 treatments total, and LOVED the results. The redness in my skin subsided, the blood vessels were gone, my pores appeared smaller and overall my skin looked fantastic. The results lasted about 6 months - but now I can't really afford to keep it up! My Dr. put on a little bit of numbing cream, but the procedure is still a bit uncomfortable. It doesn't hurt really - but its uncomfortable. Feels like someone is shocking you repeatedly in the face!! Only really stings right near the nose. Worth it if you can afford it!
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