IPL Left Me with Patchy Skin and Hollow Eyes

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I had two IPLs done six months ago to remove...

I had two IPLs done six months ago to remove pigmentation and blood vessels and I'm still regreting my decision to go through with this procedure. I'm now left with weird patchy white skin on my cheeks and deep hollows under both eyes. Furthermore, I still have obvious blood vessels.

I'm hoping my skin will eventually go back to the way it was. Even with pigmentation and blood vessels I looked a lot healthier than I do now. Even all my friends have commented on how unwell I look.

The worst part is the Doctor who performed the procedure told me that I had to make a compromise and that I should not expect miracles (I was not expecting much but I did not think I would look worse than I did before) Basically, he tried to minimise my concerns and I did not know what to say to this. I felt like an idiot for getting this procedure done. Ultimately, I think this guy just wanted to cover his ass.

Please do not get this precedure done. It is not worth it. The only plus I have noticed is that my skin is a little thicker but that is all. My skin tone is ruined and I look a lot older than I did before the procedure. I am now in the process of finding a Doctor who can help me - if there is one that is!

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This Doctor did not listen to me. I was dismissed after talking about my concerns.

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