IPL for Dark Circles, Now I Have Light Sensitivity

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I have extremely severe dark circles with dozens...

I have extremely severe dark circles with dozens of small veins that add to the problem. I tried Juvederm injections, and they were unsuccessful. I thought I would try IPL for zapping the veins, getting rid of dark pigment, and encouraging collagen production and thickening the skin a bit so my circles would be less visible.

The IPL did nothing for the veins, and I noticed perhaps a 10% improvement in my dark circles from the elimination of sun damage. However, after my third treatment I felt a sharp jolt to the bone under my eyebrow. That was yesterday and since then, I've had extreme light sensitivity from that eye and a migraine that just won't quit. I'm unclear if it just triggered a migraine or if there has perhaps been some eye damage. Any thoughts?

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