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I am Asian, had fair skin, probably slightly above...

I am Asian, had fair skin, probably slightly above average skin before the procedure. I'm approaching 30, wanted to start taking very good care of my skin. I had some light freckles around my eyes, and my skin tone looked a little dull. My dermatologist told me IPL could get rid of the freckles and stimulate collagen production. I was quite nervous during the procedure because my eyes were taped up while and my face was being zapped. The doctor used red and blue laser. I was frightened by how I looked right after the procedure, I looked worse than ever before. Very light colored freckles that were invisible before all turned into dark spots; my forehead also looked sun burned. Got some mild soap, hydrocortisone (put on daily for 2 days), and hydroquinone 6% (start using after 1 week) from the doctor and went home. As I was driving home, the numbing cream wore off, and my skin started to hurt really bad. Thank god after 2 hours it stop and the redness slowly went away. I was worried and sad for 4 days...even though I could feel the dark spots oozing to the surface and know they would flake off. By the end of the 4th day, after my Bikram yoga session, I washed my face thoroughly, when I looked into the mirror, most of the spots were gone down the drain. I was overjoyed! I could barely recognize myself cos freckles that were there for years were all gone. Today's the 5th day, my skin definitely looks 10+ years younger, I'm pretty sure it looks better than when I was teenager, skin tone's very even, and soft like a baby. My forehead still has a bunch of dark spots that look like I got some dirt on it, I suspect that it had the most sun damage. I highly recommend the procedure. But make sure you get a good dermatologist that is very responsible and has a good reputation.
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