Perlane Seemed Ok at First... - Iowa Falls, IA

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Got Perlane injected on sides of chin and cheeks...

Got Perlane injected on sides of chin and cheeks to improve scarring and first signs of aging near marionette lines. I always looked young for my age and had no problem with my cheeks, but doctor recommended I treat cheeks to lift area below corners of mouth. After much research decided to go ahead-figured I might as well try it and if it wasn't worth it, no big deal, it would just dissolve. It was fine at first, no major swelling or bruising. A few months after the treatment I started to notice some changes in my cheek which quickly accelerated and I now, 10 months later, I have a slight depression on my right cheek along with some odd fine lines and what appear, in certain light, to be some shallow, almost dime-sized scars. This has been extremely upsetting and mentally challenging to go through, as my self-worth is way too tied up with my external appearance. I'm worried I may have caused some permanent changes to my skin. I've consulted with the doctor who did the treatment, along with two other doctors, who all insist what I'm perceiving isn't related to the filler. I just can't understand how it could be anything else, as my cheeks were normal before the treatment. So now, I'm left with such a difficult dilemma: live with the extreme unhappiness of my cheeks the way they are, or get more filler and try to fix the problem. The new doctor I'm seeing has recommended Voluma, and thinks I'm a good candidate for it. I'm so tempted, but after my experience with Perlane I'm thinking if I do filler again, I will need to keep it up for the rest of my life, and I'm only 43. I'm also afraid of all the potential complications. I wish I could just learn to love and accept myself as I am, it's less risky and way less expensive, lol. But I care too much about my appearance. Sigh. I just want my pre-filler cheeks back. If I had known this would happen I'd never have done it in the first place. Has anyone else out there had a bad experience after the filler dissolved? How about great experiences of doing filler consistently for many years without any problems? I'm trying to weigh the risk / benefit ratio so any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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