Reduction Process - Iowa City, IA

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Your Motivation-- I have a 42 F+ cup. I have...

Your Motivation-- I have a 42 F+ cup. I have severe back issues and neck issues. I have migraine headaches. Lowe back pain. Uncontrollable rib outages as well as many other medical issues.

How long-- I have been looking into this surgery for over 2 years now. Been very constructive for the last 6 months in preparing. Looking into insurance companies to see which ones will cover plastic surgery and which ones wont, as well as costs for each company. I have gone with Iowa Cares. Still hoping they will approve my surgery.

Personal Goals- Loos about 50+ pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.

What your feeling- Anxious, been praying a lot asking God to grant me this surgery to improve my well being and emotional state.

I have an entire binder full of: Preop,postop and during surgery suggestions for me to follow. I have done just about as much research into the topic as one person could do in 6 months.

INSURANCE DENIED!! Worst day of my life!!

INSURANCE DENIED!! Worst day of my life!!

Reduction process

I'm a 42 HH cup. I feel like my boobs won't stop growing.

BR success

Had my breast reduction surgery on Christmas Eve 2015. From a 42/44 h/J to a 40 D. They are perfect.
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Insurance Restriction

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