Invisaline or Braces?

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I started out in treatment with the old fashioned...

I started out in treatment with the old fashioned braces about 10 months ago. was in treatment with those for about 8 month.. I have impecible hygene but i got a gingevitis infection with them. So i switched over to the new Damon 3 Braces with the closing doors, and have been in treatment for 2 months so far with these.. I love them and the treatment is making fast progress. I am suppose to be in them for another 18 months however I have my wedding coming up. Really dont want braces showing up in my wedding pictures. My teeth used to be bunched and croweded. I used to have a overbite and buck teeth.. now my teeth are straight on the top and uncrowded and continuing to straighten out on the bottom.. I have an appointment coming up and am going to talk to my orthodontist about switching over to the invisaline to finish out the treatment. Should I? is it worth it? is Invisaline worth it? when your teeth move how do the trays stay in place? how do you keep the trays from popping off? do they snap in place or just sit there on your teeth? How durable are the trays?

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