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I got my invisalign last friday 29th feb and im...

I got my invisalign last friday 29th feb and im really happy with them. I have been at work all week and out a few times no-one has noticed, and when I have told people they have struggled to see them until I pointed out the 'buttons' on my teeth, I have eight of them. The pain is not bad at all and they only hurt mildly for a couple of days after the first fitting. The only drawback is drinking of clear liquids only and brushing after every meal, although on the good side I have cut out snacking and drinking plenty of water cant harm you. I think the worst drawback is the dry mouth (apparantly this is a cause of bad breath), mine is mild most of the time, although I have found sucking sugar free polos helps. I have found they become easier to take out after the first week when the teeth have moved. In short i dont think invisalign could tick many more boxes and they are a huge step up from train tracks , just a shame about the price here in the uk :( mark 22 uk
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