1 Year into Treatment, Very Satisfied

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I consulted with a number of different dentists /...

I consulted with a number of different dentists / orthodontists before i found one who had a treatment plan that i felt i could live with and made sense. One ortho said, he couldn't straighten my teeth with invisalign, that i needed brackets and wires. Another suggested we pull the most out of place tooth, replace it with an implant and straighten the rest (minor movement) with invisalign. Finally i found a doc who felt he could fix me up with just invisaligh. I'm on tray 20 out 40 and my smile is already vastly improved (even with all those silly plastic bumps). The pain the first day was pretty bad, i questioned if i could really go through with it, but it was paid for so i might as well push on. Oh, that tooth that was so out of place that folks wanted to pull it, it was the first to move, and it is back in line with my arch. It is amazing how easily it moved. I have zero regrets, except wish i had done it sooner.
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