Three Weeks in and Doing OK

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I'm on week three and so far so good. The first...

I'm on week three and so far so good. The first few days I wanted to crawl out of my skin. It felt like I ate a plate of ribs and had stuff stuck inbetween EVERY SINGLE TOOTH. I only need a lower tray, thankfully. Basically, Invisalign is a little uncomfortable almost all the time - but you just suck it up and deal with it and then it is no big problem (whadayya think? It was gonna feel good?). The worst part was the filing thing in between the teeth. Boy did that suck. I paid about $3,500 for the whole sha-bang (10 aligners, 20 weeks). You can't eat with the thing in your mouth, and then you need to scrub your teeth afterword, which is a pain in the ass. So I am snacking less and have probably lost about five pounds already. Not that I needed to - I'm quite the sexy man already.

Here is my one problem - I feel like my sense of taste has changed. I love good red wine. With Invisalign, all wine currently tastes the same with a bit of an aftertaste. So I pretty much gave up wine too. Good news for my liver, I guess.

Overall, I am very pleased and would highly recommend Invisalign to people who are good candidates. It can be uncomfortable and inconvenient so if you tend to "piss and moan a lot about nothing" and can't suck it up, then this is not for you.

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