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I'm 24 years old and didn't want traditional...

I'm 24 years old and didn't want traditional braces. I got Invisalign December 2007. I had minor crowding on the top and moderate/severe crowding on the bottom. It is now July 2008 and my top teeth are completely straight and I'm putting in my 17th tray tonight which is my last tray for the top. I have 3 more trays for the bottom but so far the results are amazing. I noticed that one tooth on the top was shifting in a direction that was unfavorable (very minor, I'm a perfectionist) but my orthodontist states that once the treatment is done we can take another mold of my teeth and send them again to Invisalign and they'll attempt to perfect anything they couldn't predict.

Pros: Although they are clear, my treatment required that they put composites on my 4 front teeth so they look like little bubbles but hardly noticeable.

They are super comfortable and if I take them out for too long I find myself missing

Easy to put in and take out.

You can eat pretty much anything you'd like because you take them out.

Cons: Not too many cons...

You must brush them well every night which makes your nightly routine a little lengthy, mornings aren't too bad.

You're breath may have a different smell, what my mother refers to as a somewhat of an iron smell..

Some trays had sharp edges that would cut into my tongue, its just the way they were cut/carelessly, easy fix though I just filed the edges with a nail file..:O) Not all trays were like this.

Some pain when you switch out the trays, as expected with any treatment, but the pain goes away a day or two later.
Overall I recommend Invisalign for anyone who doesn't want to go with the metal mouth route.

Greenburg Dental & Orth. in Winter Park, FL Dr. Nelson

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