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Hi everyone! I read the reviews on this site...

Hi everyone! I read the reviews on this site before I got my invisalign and thought I should comment on my experience. I'm one month into my treatment and don't have any major complaints. I had metal braces in high school and had some surgery done on my gums afterwards.

Of course, I couldn't wear my retainers after the surgery so my teeth shifted. This is the reason I have to wear invisalign for 10 months. When I first got them...the pain was pretty mild compared to conventional braces. No one even knew I had them in! My co-workers and friends have to really get close to me to see that I have them on. I get new aligners every two weeks. I actually got my new aligners about a week ago and it did feel very tight. I took some motrin for a couple of days and I was fine. The aligners were a little hard to take in and out until my teeth shifted into place.

But now I can pop them in and out with one hand. The only real complaint I have is that I had a really bad lisp in the beginning. But the more I talk with them in the better the lisp gets!!! Overall, I'm happy with invisalign. If you have the option to chose...I say pick invisalign! I'll try to comment more during the course of my treatment.

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