Invisalign Was Okay, Dentist Was Bad.

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I wore Invisalign for 2 years (as an adult). At...

I wore Invisalign for 2 years (as an adult). At the end, the dentist did not have me wear them constantly for a long enough period of time, and made me very expensive retainers (instead of ordering new sets from Invisalign, which would have been MUCH cheaper and better).

Upshot: Within 2 years, although I wore the dentist's retainers every night, my teeth had started shifting again. During Invisalign, my bite changed and my (former) dentist didn't account for that. I lost a tooth and had to have an implant done (very expensive, another $5K).

I went to a REAL orthodontist and have been in braces for 8 months (2 to go). My bite is comfortable, my teeth look much better. I should have done this in the first place, rather than trusting a dentist who did a weekend or two's training in Invisalign.

The braces were able to bring down a partially-hidden tooth and correct my bite.

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She did not have the necessary skills to make this work, just in it for the money.

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