Halfway Through my First Week

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Well, I'm halfway through my first week and so far...

Well, I'm halfway through my first week and so far so good. There is some discomfort, but I'm not surprised because even though I don't have metal braces on my teeth, invisalign is still going to MOVE my teeth, so I didn't assume it would be pain free. The weirdest thing was that my dentist needed to file a space in between my left front tooth and the tooth next to it, so it's a bit weird when I eat and I'm very conscious of it when I take my trays out, but she promises me the gap will close by the second tray. i have crowding and an overbite, so the filing was to make room for my teeth to move. I'm glad I waited until I was 30 to do this because these things require a good amount of maintenance (brushing teeth after every meal, etc) and I've always been a snacker, so it's going to take some willpower to stop snacking so much because if the trays don't stay in for enough time each day, then i'm throwing my money away. i don't know if I would've been mature enough to do this when I was younger (though it's GREAT for my diet and upcoming wedding!)

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