Truely Worth Every Penny . . . but Make Sure You Are a Candidate!

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I went with Invisalign because I was not pleased...

I went with Invisalign because I was not pleased with my smile. I was told by most that I was attractive, but I still didn't feel that way. I went for it and could not be more satisfied. It's a good investment.

Pros: The trays are barely noticable, and there are also no wires that could bother the tissue within your mouth. Performing full contact activities like football or basketball can be maintain, compared to traditional braces. Your self-confidence will increase as the treatment progresses. For me, the price was actully LESS than traditional braces . . . so ask about Invisalign!

Cons: If trays are not removed when eating small amounts of food can get caught between the trays and teeth. A small amount of pain will be experienced when getting bi-monthly trays traded out. Your mouth can get dry depending on how much water you drink on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that you are MOVING teeth, so there is going to be a little pain involved. The pain goes away rather quickly. I took medication ONCE during the entire process at the very beginning. You will be proud of yourself when the treatment is over. Go for it!

Also, I was what I like to call a "good...

Also, I was what I like to call a "good candidate".  My teeth were relatively straight  but I had spaces between almost all of my upper teeth.  If your teeth are twisted or you have to get your teeth moved in any direction other than sliding them together, you are more likely not to be satisfied than a person with my smile profile.  I'm sure that the treatment will still work for you, but you may be please happy with the result.  I think this treatment works best for people with spacing issues.  But, a good othrodonist can overcome whatever issue you may have. 

My doctor built up two of my teeth because they were underdeveloped at no extra cost. Yours may do the same, or even more like grinding your teeth to give them a better appearance. Ask your doctor for all od the details.

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