This Beats Traditional Braces by a Landslide.

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While I'm only on my 3rd week [2nd tray], I'm...

While I'm only on my 3rd week [2nd tray], I'm truly anticipating the awesome results. If you ask me, this is completely worth it & will probably be the best money I have ever spent on myself.

After having traditional braces as a teen, between wisdom teeth & not wearing my retainer, my mouth was thrown for a loop. My teeth weren't nearly as crooked as they originally were pre-traditional braces, but they're still not as straight as I would have liked.

Finally, at 23 [& after having wanted to do this for a long time!], I've started my Invisalign journey. I was very surprised that my treatment will only last a little over a year [mild crowding up top with severe crowding on the bottom]--just in time for my 2010 wedding!

So far, the only ones who have noticed that I'm wearing the aligners are those I have told about them! Unless, ofcourse you're 2 inches away from my face, which is not typical, you can't notice them.. and no one has!

You should know in advance, however, that Invisalign definitely requires a great amount of dedication. Why? Because you will..

-Have to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours at day
-Clean the trays often, otherwise they will be come cloudy and/or stink
-Brush after each time you eat
-Visit your Invisalign dentist/ortho roughly once a month during treatment to receive new sets of trays & check up on your progress.

As far as discomfort during treatment, mine has been minimal to nonexistent. The first tray was the worst--I'm sure it was because my teeth hadn't been forced to move in quite a long time. They were quite sore, but that's really it. After a couple of days, I didn't even realize the trays were in & was completely used to it. Every new tray is pretty tight at first, but again, this feeling lasts for only a few days.

This truly is the best alternative to straighten your teeth, without blatantly visible braces. If you are seriously considering Invisalign, do it. I absolutely recommend it!

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