Final Tray, Unhappy with Results - Teeth Are Not Well Aligned in the Back

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I have a little bit of a crossbite, and some...

I have a little bit of a crossbite, and some crowding. I need to have 18 trays so about 36 weeks of treatment in total. No buttons, but I do need shaving.

I am on my first tray on day number 4. First three days very uncomfortable especially after taking off. Uncomfortable to eat since teeth feel shaky. Nothing a little Motrin didnt help.  Now more comfortable, but still taking with a lisp that hopefully should go away, before my next day of work.

Hope to lose weight since I can no longer do as much snacking or munching as I usual do. So far only 3 meals a day for the past four days with no snacking at all. Will be harder when I go to work since my coworkers always have snacks.  I will just have to use self restraint.

I hope this works, I would hate to have my treatment extended.

Hi I just finished my last tray and I am unhappy...

Hi I just finished my last tray and I am unhappy with the results.

Athough my overbite is fixed my teeth are not well aligned in the back. I have alot of gaps on the sides of my teeth. My orthodontist however felt my teeth looked fine. It was with my insistence that he took a closer look and realized that yes my teeth are not well aligned. He took pictures not new molds and said he would send them to invisalign so that they can provide me with new trays to fix my misaligned teeth.

Now that doesnt sound right to me, so I asked him if he was sure I didnt need new molds made of my teeth and he said no. I hope that the new trays will fix my problem. Im not sure what my options are in regards to reimbursement. I have a digging feeling that I will end up needing regular braces to fix my problem.

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