23 Y/o Female, Revision to Replace Silicone Implant W/cartilage

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Hello, im 23,female. i had my first rhino to...

hello, im 23,female. i had my first rhino to improve my flat bridge and silicone implant was used, the surgeon also performed alar trimming but after a year the silicone implant was noticeably deviated to the left and infection was present as well.

I just had revision rhinoplasty last May 4 to remove my silicone implant due to infection and it was replaced with my ear cartilage instead. barely 3weeks after the surgery the infection is back together with a hole exposing some cartilage at the medial crural footplate (im not sure if im correct with the loc/name) and oozing pus.

pros: facial feature improvement

cons: problems arising from primary rhinoplasty like infection, assymetry and succeeding surgeries thats needed to correct it.

im to see my surgeon in 3days since he's out of the country but im still bothered, i just want to ask if there's a way to get rid of the infection and will it involve removing the ear cartilage since i already had 3 surgeries and don't want to go on another again.

my 2nd surgery involved the silicone being exposed as well at the same location as now with pus and my previous surgeon re-shaped the silicone, made it smaller to relieve tension and stitched the hole then placed me in antibiotic therapy but after just a week pus was back. i was told by my new surgeon that removing the implant was the only way to get rid of the infection and replacing it with grafts from my body but still the infection came back.

im really scared that the infection might reach my eyes or something. thank you so much for the time i really appreciate it.

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my new surgeon explained the disadvantages of silicone implants and opted me to go for grafts from my own body instead.

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