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Inexperienced Physician - Abilene, TX

Acne Treatment

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30 Sep 2016

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Inexperienced Physician - Abilene, TX

You can never see this doctor for a treatment; he is not existent to his own business. I usually have to see his staff. His staff are trained by him. I visited Abilene Dermatology in 2009, and never given acne medication or treatments for my severe acne. I have moderate acne scars now thanks to his staff. Now all they want to do us sell me a laser; that is all they ever want to do. I recently saw his RN Linda Larsen and thought this experience would be different, but she took a scalpel and and cut my acne off. Now I have a scar that has depigmented. If you want a dermatologist or staff who knows what they are doing, this one is not for you. YOU WILL END UP WITH SCARS!!!