23 Years Old Leaved with Hypertrophic Scar - Indonesia

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I already have double eyelid, but the double...

I already have double eyelid, but the double eyelid is not even. So on a very impulse decision, I did the double eyelid surgery. I saw my friends did it and thought that it will leave no scar, apparently she did the non incisional surgery. While I did it impulsively, I didn't know that my surgeon will do the incisional surgery that will leave scar on my eyes. My eyes was perfect before, have double eyelid without scar. Now I am left with hypertrophic scar. Been cursing my self everyday that I am so stupid to have did it without further research and trust my doctor before seeing before after picture. The doctor didn't explain the complication, if I know it will leave scar on my eyes, I would not have done it. Everyday I have been looking at my eyes, hoping the scar will disappear. It has been 5 months and not much change, just hoping that 1 year post op, the scar will disappear eventually. I stayed home most of the time, avoiding meeting other people cause too embarrassed with my eyes. Even when people telling me it's okay, I have this doubt and no confidence, feeling that other people constantly looking at my scar (maybe just my feeling). DO TONS OF RESEARCH BEFORE DOING EYELID SURGERY! GO TO KOREA! Maybe its not my doctor's fault, some people have tendency to develop hypertrophic/keloid scar, well I wish I had known.
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