Indisputable Fact: Laser NOT Permanent

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I was very eager to do laser hair removal and...

I was very eager to do laser hair removal and began researching online all of the benefits. Unfortunately, in my eagerness, I focused on benefits, 'good' side effects, where to go, what laser to request - I did not pay enough attention to people reporting long-term effects: the hair grows back.

I spent a lot of dough on my armpits & bikini - I even talked it up to my friends, encouraged skeptical friends to try it... only to have ALL of the hair return within a year.

I felt pretty dumb when I read all the fine print that stated very clearly that Laser Hair removal is not permanent. I think they used the words "permanent reduction" but that's not even true.

Since then, I have gone to electrolysis -- the ONLY method of hair removal that can claim it is permanent -- and after two years I'm hairless on my legs, armpits & bikini. It's way more time-consuming and painful than laser, but it actually works.

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