39, Work out Freak, Mom of 3 with Prior C Sections and Large Abdominal Seperation with Hernia. Indianapolis, IN

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Awaiting tummy tuck procedure feb 22 (3 days away)...

Awaiting tummy tuck procedure feb 22 (3 days away) to repair the large seperation in my abs, hernia repair, c section scar tissue removal! Feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Concerned about recovery time and pain management as I don't do well with pain medicine. I recently found out that many plastic surgeons offer a drug called Exparel for up to three days of pain relief (injected directly in the abdominal muscles during surgery and numbs the area without pain medication) but the surgery center where my doctor is performing the procedure doesn't allow it. I have been asking around and it's become very common among other plastic surgeons in the area and I am disappointed that this isn't available for me as well. I have read tons of reviews of tummy tucks performed with this drug and the recovery period for the first few days seems to be much more pleasant when a patient had had Exparel..... I will post again on my progress with pain management during the recovery process. Wish me luck!

Day 3 after surgery and pain is manageable!

I had surgery Monday and today is Wednesday and I am happy with my initial results! Taking two norco every 4 hours and walking laps every four hours minimum. Trying to stand up straight but it's not quite happening yet! Belly is starting to swell some And is pink. Still not home with my kids yet though. Taking it easy at my grandparents house for the first few days to rest! I will post pics! Technically today is post op day 2.

Redness and swelling more third day

Walking walking, walking, eating fiber and tons of probiotics, worried about bowel movement inactivity. Small fluid accumulation under skin on right side of belly. Going to have it checked out tomorrow to put my mind at ease.

Very pleased with my Doctor

Feeling better each day and saw my doctor today. Healing as expected and happy with my early results. I even received flowers from my Dr today! What a lovely surprise and thoughtful gesture. Weaning down off pain medicine as tolerated and beginning gentle massage to incision site.

3 weeks post op

Thrilled! No pain since second week and feeling great! Only good things to say about the whole process and my doctor! Definitely right and flat!!
Carmel Plastic Surgeon

Dr Aker is very kind, professional and attentive to my needs and concerns. I feel confident going into this procedure that I am in good hands.

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