I've Waited a Lifetime for This BR - Indianapolis, IN

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Wow where to start. My earliest memory of buying a...

Wow where to start. My earliest memory of buying a bra was when I was in the 6th grade and my bra size at that time was a 32D. I was known as the girl with "the big knockers" and I hated it. Now at age 57 and size 36DDD I am finally going to have breasts more in porportion to my frame. I just discovered this web site yesterday and my surgery is tomorrow! Yikes wish I would have come across this a lot earlier. I have gleaned a lot of information from this site already and am hoping to be able to give and receive support as I go through this process as so many of you have already done and are preparing to do. I bought yet more bras today because I have absolutely no idea what is going to fit - post procedure. My PS and I have agreed I should end up being a small "C" cup, something I can't ever remember being! I'm so excited and yet as the time gets closer and closer I am getting nervous. Seeing the immediate post op pics that have been posted have given me a slight pause, however I need to keep my eyes looking at the bigger picture. Finally being able to wear shirts that button,or a swim suit that doesn't look like I have my own personal flotation device hidden in my suit! I have taken 2 weeks off from work does that sound reasonable to you that have already gone through this? Any advice/support will be most appreciated!! Let's do this!!! Will try and post pics later

Before and after pics

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