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I'm a male in my 20s. I wanted a more masculine...

I'm a male in my 20s. I wanted a more masculine forehead, and after having done my research online, came across Dr. Eppley as one of very few surgeons who does male forehead augmentation. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my forehead before. I just felt on profile it lacked anterior projection and brow bone prominence. I opted for a custom implant following having had a 3D CT scan of the head. I regret everything.

Five months post-op and have ugly dark circles under eyes that won't go away

5 months post-op now so thought I'd give an update. Sensation has returned ~95% over the top of the head, but there's odd neuropathic pain that was present following the surgery that still hasn't gone away. Basically if I tap/rub the upper-lateral forward just anterior to the hairline, it causes severe stabbing pain about 5 cm back. As I said, it's very odd. I'm really hoping that neurological issue will subside.

On the other hand, one of the most distressing things at this point is that I now seem to have permanent dark circles under my eyes secondary to the bruising following the procedure. I had black eyes afterward, and once the bruising went away, it's as though I have permanent darkness. I've read online that bruising under the eyes can lead to hemosiderin deposition that, with a lot of hope, can subside in 1-2 years, but often times not fully. This is a totally unexpected adverse outcome of the procedure that I never could have anticipated. As I said in my review here, the implant was taken out because it was horrible, so the net result is I have exactly the same facial appearance as pre-surgery + under-eye dark circles. It's extremely depressing and it's all I see when I look in the mirror now. I can't stop focusing on the circles, and they haven't gotten any better in the past three months. People frequently ask me if I look tired or will comment that I have really dark circles. All I have to say is I'm still in disbelief this surgery even occurred.
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In all fairness, Dr. Eppley is a very nice guy when communicating via Skype and in person. I felt comfortable with all communications with him (otherwise I never would have trusted him as my surgeon). My surgery was not a success however. The process entailed me getting a 3D CT scan, which Dr. Eppley then used to create a custom forehead implant over my skull. He sent me a PDF that showed the implant and its measurements at different locations. I found this to be exceptional from a technology perspective. The failure I believe is that I trusted Dr. Eppley too much when it came to the design. I had said both in Skype and in email the type of outcome I was looking for, and so when I saw the designs he came up with, I thought "well he's the expert, so I'm sure he knows best how the actual implant will look on me in real life." But following the surgery I could tell immediately that the design was horrible. It was very rounded toward the midline, wasn't wide enough, and was surgically placed higher than it should be have been. The result was I came out looking like a dolphin, and the maximum anterior projection, instead of being low at the level of the brow, was essentially in the middle of my forehead. It looked ridiculous and terrible. I was aware I was swollen, but I could clearly tell where the implant was and where the maximum and minimum projection points were. For the three days between the surgery and the follow-up, I felt hopeless and ashamed that I went through with it, and felt it was Gd punishing me for being vain. At the follow-up, he could tell I wasn't happy and I told him I wanted the implant out. Once he knew I was serious, he 'opened up' and was honest about how things went and gave me his criticism of the implant design, saying how he would have done things differently. I found it interesting how if I hadn't been so direct he wouldn't have said anything. He knew 100% the implant wasn't the right shape and was positioned incorrectly, and in turn he had no hesitation about taking it out immediately, which he did, under local anaesthetic. I should also point out that two days prior to the surgery, when I went in for the pre-surgery consult, he hadn't quite remembered how much my custom implant (already produced at this point) was going to project anteriorly, and he had to pull it up on the computer to double-check. Now I realize he has lots of patients and is a busy guy, but I found it strange that he himself had designed the implant and couldn't remember what he had done. Also, the risks and complications were never fully disclosed to me. I signed all of the legal paperwork, but was NEVER told I would have complete loss of sensation posterior to the coronal incision (hidden within my hair). And this isn't simply nerve compression from swelling; the nerves supplying the crown of my head were actually cut during the procedure, so 5 weeks later I'm still completely numb. I emailed him after saying my healing was going well and asking about the numbness, and he replied essentially with a sentence fragment saying sensation would return but should take months. I found it incredibly insulting that I had gone through all of this physical and emotional trauma from a surgery that was not only a complete failure but extremely expensive, and the best he could muster in terms of the doctor-patient relationship was a sentence fragment, without any empathy. I've read online that sensation often does not return fully following coronal incisions because the nerves are cut. So this was a very basic topic he should have talked about and didn't. In short, I believe the pitfall was that he never really took the time to do the best job designing the implant that he could have. He never listened to what I was looking for. Because looking back, the design should have been very straightforward. It was my fault I had trusted him with the design, but why would I think the surgeon himself wouldn't know what he's doing. It's unfortunate because he's a very nice guy in person. But unfortunately I had an extremely unsuccessful and traumatic surgery with Dr. Eppley and one should know the website will only reflect the good cases!!

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