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I am currently, and have always been, a small B...

I am currently, and have always been, a small B cup. Having somewhat muscular legs and what my husband endearingly calls a bubble butt, as well as a large rib cage, I have always felt pretty disproportionate and far from feminine. I've been telling myself ever since I was 18 that "This is the year" for a BA but life always seemed to get in the way. I finally feel like I have finally reached a place in my life where not only am I financially stable but emotionally and physically as well. I can whole-heartedly say that I am doing this for the right reasons and my husband is very supportive.

Consultation and Desired Results

I have scheduled my first consultation with Dr. Joseph Fata in Carmel, IN (suburb of Indianapolis) for March 1st. I actually began my search for a surgeon by looking in Chicago, under the assumption that the more skilled surgeons would be practicing in a larger and more urban city. I was unable to find anybody that I thought MIGHT be a good fit for me and what I am looking for, and redirected my search to Indianapolis while at the same time toying with the idea of traveling to CA, NY, or FL for the right surgeon. Fortunately for me, I came across Dr. Fata and while I have yet to have my consultation with him I am almost certain he is the one. I will remain optimistically skeptical but he comes highly recommended, I love 99% of the before/after pictures on his website, and communicating with his office staff was a very pleasant experience. As for results, I am looking for a very natural look. My husband and myself both dislike the "tennis ball" look. I do not want something with a lot of upper pole fullness and would more so like a nice soft slope instead. I am little apprehensive of an implant with a lot of projection as I feel that will cause me to look top heavy, but I am not sure this is even a vaild concern as I imagine my breast width is at least 13cm and would not warrant a HP implant. In addition, I do hope to go fairly large in order to balance out my lower body and camouflage my large ribcage. I will of course heed my chosed surgeon's suggestions but I am also assuming I will ultimately chose silicone unders done inframammary with somewhere between 350-450cc depending on my measurements. I am 5' 4", average about 125lbs, and pretty muscular so I think this would suit me quite well.

Surgery has been officially scheduled!

I went with my gut and chose my initial surgeon, Dr. Joseph Fata! My pre op is April 5 and the surgery itself is scheduled for April 22nd. We decided on silicone, under the muscle, with the incision in the crease. I've already been approved to take the time off from work and now just I need to focus on getting the financial aspect taken care of, making sure I have everything I need beforehand, and choosing my size. I was able to try out a 325cc and 350cc sizer at my consultation, which was on March 1st. My knee jerk reaction was "Whoa! 350cc is way too big!". However, now that I have had some time to think about it, I may actually see what the doctor's opinion would be on going with 375cc. My breast width was measured at 12.8cm so I think it's a reasonable size. After reading a bit on here I'm afraid 325cc won't get me my desired results, as going under the muscle causes the implant to "look smaller", and of course the 350cc sizer looked too big because I was not used to seeing myself with boobs! Also, they had me try on a fitted tshirt that was not something I would have usually worn so I'm sure that only exaggerated the unflattering look. I guess what it comes down to is that, like most women, I think I'd rather be a bit too big than too small. I may ask to try a sizer that would definitely be too small and one that would be too big just to reassure myself that I'm making the right decision, if that makes sense. Any suggestions or help on choosing an appropriate size are very welcome!

Figuring Out the Details

A topic I do not see discussed often on RS is money. I am willing to bet that most people dont have the kind of cash required to schedule an elective surgery on a whim and that most usually plan well in advance. I am also willing to bet that a good majority of people finance their procedures or at the very least, finance a portion of it. My husband and I sat down over this past weekend and really hashed over all the financial details for this surgery. The total cost for the surgery is going to be $5511; however, I have already paid a total of $550 in deposits ($50 consultation fee applied toward cost, as well as $500 deposit required to schedule the surgery). That leaves a remaining balance of $4961 - $2000 to the surgeon and the remaining $2961 to the surgery center. We initially considered paying all in cash, then decided we wanted to finance all of it, and even considered a combination of the two. Thankfully, we have spent the better part of this past year paying off all of our credit cards, filing disputes to remove errors, etc to really improve our credit scores. We did this knowing that we would eventually be purchasing a new vehicle and wanted the best auto loan terms we could get. About 2 weeks ago we finally got a brand new vehicle and decided it was time to make a decision as to how we were going to pay for my breast augmentation. In the end we decided to finance it in whole for one reason - rewards/points! We are going to spend the money so we might as well get something back. Because we worked so diligently to improve our credit, we were able to get a credit card with a limit that was more than enough, that was offering a really great APR %, a sign up bonus and no annual fee, and had a fantastic rewards program! I am so incredibly excited to have this portion of the process figured out and I am counting down the days until my surgery!
Dr. Joseph Fata

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