Just Had DOT Therapy for Sun Spots, Age 49

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I've tried IPL and fraxel to remove my...

I've tried IPL and fraxel to remove my "sun spots" but haven't had any results, so the doctor recommended DOT therapy. Removing the sun spots is my main objective, but it's also supposed to improve skin texture and fine lines, which would be an excellent side benefit since I'm noticing my skin has started to sag in the last couple years.

I had the procedure yesterday (5-27-10). To me it was no more painful than fraxel, or any other laser treatment. They numbed my face with numbing cream and also prescribed pain medicine (which was optional, but I did use it before the treatment). They also gave me a "dental block", four shots in my mouth (didn't hurt) that numbed the area around my mouth and nose, so no pain in that area at all during the procedure. They did a great job setting the expectations and telling me exactly what they were doing, etc.

It hurts like a bad sunburn for the first couple hours, then feels very tight. I also had some spots of blood that appeared all over my face, but when I washed it in the evening they went away. They told me I'd have swelling today, and I do (I did sleep with my head elevated). My face is red and bloated looking, but again, that's the expectation they set. They told me it would take 10-30 days before I'd see any results, and should be able to go back to work on Tuesday.

I do have to keep a thin layer of aquaphor on it to keep it moist for three days, which is kind of gross because it's like vaseline so my face is kind of greasy, and I have to pull my hair back to keep it from sticking to my face, but the aquaphor does make it feel better. Then lotion and most importantly, sun screen, for the next 30 days. Also, no exposure to the sun at all for 30 days.

I'll post more as I see how it goes. It's too early to tell if it was worth it, but I'm optimistic!

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