Labiaplasty - Indiana

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I am 5 weeks post-op from labiaplasty...

I am 5 weeks post-op from labiaplasty majora/minora. Still have a lot of pain and swelling. I am NOT pleased - it's asymmetrical, one side is really swollen & hard, and I still get stabbing pains, can't exercise, etc. My doctor said I'm just "stitch spitting" and "he's never had this happen before". He poked the hard swollen side with a needle and it hurt SO bad he said there wasn't any fluid build-up. But I don't even know if I believe him about anything anymore.

My question is, what is going on here!? Be honest please. I've done all the after care perfectly and then some! :( I feel very used and betrayed like everyone just wants my money so I don't really want corrective surgery if possible.
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