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It was very painful could not get out of bed for a...

It was very painful could not get out of bed for a week ...I had lower abs only done. Extreme bruising.
My stomach did go flat ! Was so happy.. Until the 4-5 month mark when PAH set in and now my stomach is bigger than before!!!!! They claim this is rare but it's a lie!!!!! This is real side effect and only way to treat it is liposuction! Beware!!!!! Use caution!!!!! Do research on PAH!!!!!!!! Many cases are not reported or diagnosed...obviously if they warmed people of this no one would do it!!!! Please beware!!!!!!!!

File complaint! With coolsculpt!!!

I filed complaint they are investigating
But they contact the doctor and inform them of what to do & say
I have to go see the dr again who will likely say too bad so sad ... We shall see ... Trust me I fully intend to inform everyone of everything they say! And everyone needs to post info if they have experienced this! I only wish I had seen this info before it was warned by dr this could happen! I'm wondering if I can sue them for not disclosing it.. I'm waiting to see if they refund or pay for lipo first.
Jane doe

I choose not to give the doctor a bad rap it's not his fault it's the coolsculpt company who needs to bring awareness ... They had to send my doctor info after the fact to educate him on what PAH is!!!

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