28 Yr Old, No Kids, 34H, 5'1, 152lbs SURGERY IN 2 DAYS! Indiana, IN

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My BR surgery is covered by insurance and is in 2...

My BR surgery is covered by insurance and is in 2 days!!! I decided to post some pictures because they are very helpful. Plus it is just me in a bra. I am not going to do nudes.

When I was just curious about thinking about getting this procedure I was weighing in at 170ish lbs. I am only 5'1 and never had any kids. Plus when I lose weight it is NEVER in the chest. I have always been huge since I was a teen. Even when I weighed at my smallest 130lbs, I still had probably F or G boobs.

I now am proud to say I have lost 20 lbs! :D I would of liked to be alot closer to my goal weight before this procedure but I had an injury that prevented me from even using my leg. I still have about 20 lbs to go but with lighter boobs... I will be able to run! (once I heal of course)

BUT I have to ask... Has anyone else lost a lot of weight AFTER their procedure? I dont want to alter my results but I am still not happy about my weight. I want to be healthy and fit.

If I remember- I will plan on doing Befores and Afters for you. I do not know what size they will take me down to. I know they have to take out 600cc from each side to meet the requirement. I would love to go down to a B. So then if I gain weight/ when we start having kids... I won't go back up to a DD or DDD.
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