Breast Aug and Mini Tummy Tuck - Indiana

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I have had one daughter, (now five) and I have...

I have had one daughter, (now five) and I have been planning to have some form of a tummy tuck for the last four years. I had been scared to actually go through with it up until now. I didnt want to mess up anything further (as odd as that sounds). I have quite a bit of lose skin below my belly button and I lift heavy 5-6 days a week in the gym.

I finally decided on a mini with no muscle repair. Yes, I know most people want the repair and most say the results are better, however, I pride myself on the weight I lost and how I've already shaped my abs. To me that tight completely flat no ab formation is not something I am after.

My scheduled surgery is for this September the 16th where I also chose to have breast aug as well. I am nervous, but excited and finally ready.

I was starting to get nervous yesterday. Being as...

I was starting to get nervous yesterday. Being as it is only about 2 weeks away, I am sure that is common. I started wondering if I chose the right proceedures and wondered what I would do if I thought I made a mistake. Having my boyfriend with me really makes a difference. He is so calm and very supportive. I see he gets worried, too, but he always reasures me that after we spent 2 years looking and talking, discussing what to do, we made the right choices. I am excited, nervous still, but excited. Only two more weeks.
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