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Pleased so far! I am 60+ and carefor others...

Pleased so far! I am 60+ and carefor others before myself for so many years! 5'8" 205, and carry all my weight in my midsection. Dr Kaufman performed smartlipo om upper and lower abs and sideflanks. It wasn't painless, but I have wanted this SO BADLY! The most important thing to remember is that is will be over soon. My procedure - the numbing, the fat suction, the plasma insertion for skin elasticity lasted about only 3 hours! The amount that I had removed was 4 liters - a little over a gallon! I just pulled up my big girl panties and carried on!

presurgery photos

Sorry that they are crooked. I am on pain killers.

24 hours Post Op!

Only 24 hours after my surgery and I am happy! So much more to go, but I have HOPE and FAITH! If anyone has any suggestions on how to eliminate these droopy folds, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

24 hours post Op appointment

Dr Kaufman is Fabulous! She showed me a better way to put on my CG, and fitted me with a binder that holds my spare tire in position as it shrinks.

24 hour update before first doctor visit

I am pleased so far. When doctor saw me she expressed more blood and added a blinder on top of my CG

3 days POST OP

This recovery has been PAINFUL! It's no joke! I will start taking pain meds as prescribed. I can't sleep longer than 4 hours and wake up in agony. I WAS advised that the pain would be greater now, and I had a gallon of fat removed. I CAN see progress at 3 days post op

5 days Post Op

I have scheduled a lymphatic drainage massage from my massage therapist. I believe that I am retaining fluid

One Week Post Lipo Dr Appointment

Doctor K and her staff were very pleased with my one week progress. I had two fluid bubbles in my lower belly, so the doc drained the with needles - 20cc. I continue to wear CG with a binder on top abdomen and bottom abdomen. Remember that I was large. As I progress, I will waist train.

10 days Post Op

I upped my intake of water at 7 days. Weighed myself today. Initial weight at surgery was 207. Today I am 200. CG is looser, I added a size smaller waist trainer yesterday. LOVED the support I have seen women complain about belly hardness - I take my garments off every 12 hours, shower, then massage with arnica gel for at least 1/2 an hour. This seems to keep my skin from getting all wrinkly. And I had lots of skin??

11 days post op

I am ready to go in again and have my bat wings done and my upper bra fat done, that's how happy I am with my results!

YES, I Am 64!

And happily on my way to my new young body. Life gets in the way, and we women put ourselves last! NOT ANY MORE! I was so happy that I looked good in a dress today, even my hubby said WOW! Only 12 days Post Op!

New photo

Is here

17 days

And two lymphatic massages later, my stomach is disappearing and is being replaced by curves. I went down two sizes. Lost 7 lbs. am walking strenuously with walking Poles that use my arms and core.

I am

Going to wear this to my 3 week post op Doctor appointment on Wednesday! Won't she be shocked! Lol

Doctor was shocked at

My 3 week visit! I lost 9 inches and 10 lbs. I made an appointment for bra roll, upper back and arm lipo for August 8. Everything that I am doing - walking, lymphatic drainage massages, arnica gel and pills, coconut water and eating healthy are working! ??

I should mention

That I have NO LOOSE SKIN and ai have gone down two sizes in pants, one size in tops, which is why is am doing lipo on back fat next month. I attribute no loose skin to the drainage massages, and waist nippers. I am always wearing at least two garments. Compression is the KEY! M

One Month Update

I have learned so much. It's a journey, not a destination. Are we ever satisfied? To me, water is the key. I was HUGE, and did not want a TT at my age. I went down 2 sizes in pants and have lost 12 pounds in a month. I am having my bra rolls, a bit of my arms and back lipo'd on Aug 8 and that's it. I swim for 30 minutes every day, eat sensibly with a mini hersershy bar. You know the 1 inch size? God made chocolate! Ni don't look like you young lovelies, but I am pleased with my progress, love to you all. Am off to buy a waist trainer! ??

Waist Trainer Picture

This thing is AMAZING! I have lost 10 inches of my waist in 5 weeks! Can't wait to have lipo of my bra roll, arms and back on August 8th!

Which Dress!

I bought BOTH! I know that my son's wedding is 3 months away, and I still have braroll and arm surgery next month, but I poured myself into these dresses. I am 5 weeks pistof for an lipo, upper and lower. I HAD TO BUY BOTH DRESSES. They were on sale! AND will fit better when I am smaller'. Lol

6 1/2 weeks post op

And I keep on getting smaller. I have lost 13 lbs. I swim every day. Do laps and leg, arm and an exercises in my pool. Have lost over 11 inches in my waist and 4 in my hips (which were not big anyway). Aug 8 I have braroll, upper arm and upper back lipo. I wear a latex waist cincher for about 22 hours a day, and have lymphatic massages 2x a week. I drink LOTS OF WATER and at least 8 oz of coconut water a day for the Vitamin C. Here is a pic of another dress I tried on. Any thoughts? ??


Excuse the lack of makeup and fancy hairdo. I just LOVE trying on dresses for my son's wedding in Novenber! And I Still have back lipo to be done next week! ??????

Waist Training

Thus is my latest pic. Someone had asked for a pic without clothes. I wear a waist trainer 20 hours a day/ y days a week, and will begin corset training soon. I have lost 13" off my waist. Lipo is just the beginning if your journey. YOU create the final result, as your body redistributes the remaining fat into the tunnels left by liposuction. I also do heavy duty water aerobics and ab crunches, drink water, watch my weight, I have lost over 30' since January. 13 lbs since lipo only 7 weeks ago! ?????? New hairdo tomorrow. I rescheduled back lipo this week to next month.

New Hairdo!

But the dress and belt I bought 3 weeks ago is too big! On a positive note, my corset just arrived in the nail! Corset training begins tonight! ??


And I am thrilled at my results! As I said, I have been wearing a latex waist trainer at night and corset during the day. This weekend, I gave myself a break from all garments, and just massaged my waist and abs. I did my usual laps and ab exercises in the pool for an hour a day. Today, when I put on the latex waist trainer, it fit in the tightest hooks! I guess my doctor was right! Two months DOES make a difference! ??

Corset training

I am using the 411 longline corset from Orchard Corsets. Can't wait to have back and arm fat removed. Yes, corset and waist training had made SUCH a positive differenc!

Hurricane is gone!

And we survived! Lost trees and power for 6 days and had to cancel back and arm lipo. But rescheduled for September 26. YAY. Didn't eat well for those days without power, so am happy to be back to normal and cleaning up after the storm. Missed you all so much! ????
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Dr Kaufman and her Staff are so patient and kind. The VERY BEST!'

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