My Chemical Peel - Super Tight Skin, I Can't Even Eat Properly - India, IN

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Hi all, so here it comes, i am getting married in...

Hi all, so here it comes, i am getting married in November, i was wondering what to do about my skin, i have pigmentation on my skin, acne scars, tanning, open pores so my dermatologist suggested me to go for a very mild peel, so here i took my plunge, initially i peeled and every thing.. but whats concerning me is at day 9th which is today... my skin is so tight and it really hurts whenever i apply the moisturizer prescribed by my doctor ie Seba med visio, active hydro gel with 5.5 ph however in 5 minutes it becomes normal.. is there some one who can suggest me when i will be able to get rid my self off from this super tight skin and burning sensation..please please help.. i am really worried now
Dr Kabir Sardana

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