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Incredible experience


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19 Oct 2016

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Incredible experience

Immediately after my first consultation with Dr. Epstein, I felt extremely comfortable with him and trusted that he would do a great job on my nose. He made it very clear that his goal for the surgery was to accomplish what I wanted for my nose and also giving me his opinion as well. After surgery, my nose was very swollen. Even with the swelling, I was already able to tell large differences. It has been approximately 5 months since my surgery and my nose has gone done tremendously. The definition in the tip of my nose is amazing and my bridge is very straight. I cant imagine anyone else doing this good of a job on me. It was the best decision to choose Dr. Epstein as my surgeon and I would highly recommend him to anyone who reaches out to me about getting a rhinoplasty. My nose keeps getting smaller by the day and I could not be happier with the results!