Vaser Lipo That Didn't Work on Breasts and Stomach

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Ok, so i had the Vaser surgery in march of this...

Ok, so i had the Vaser surgery in march of this past year on my breast's and my stomach. problem was that it didn't work. I saw the fat come out of my body but when i went in there was no change. Months went by and there was no change. I Followed all the rules and wore the garment for almost 2 months. I became depressed from it.

My doctor offered to do it again for free, so about 5 days ago I had it done again, but this time just on my stomach. When i look at it in the mirror it just looks lumpy and almost bigger then before. When i feel it you can feel the water move around.

i have No pros. My cons are; depression, trauma from the awake procedure.

I was uncomfortable with my body. I Wanted to make my chest size smaller and my stomach smaller too.

I am very scared that it yet again didn't work. and also scared that the fluid in my stomach won't leave. any advice or answers?
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