Painful, Still Swollen, and Scabby and Pink

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I was told by my dermatologist and spa that this...

I was told by my dermatologist and spa that this procedure would assist the year of Obagi I did.I was told it was an easy, no downtime procedure. I was misled.

I rescheduled my appt. several times because I was nervous. I had been on vacation the week before, but had been out of the sun four or five days before the procedure. I stopped my Retina A and other products four days before as I was told to do. My melasma spots had popped out a bit over vacation even though I use 60 on my face. No one at the office told me I could not be in the sun--every website I have researched since is clear about that being important. I feel misled by the office and stupid for not doing better research.

The procedure hurt. My face was on fire for a few hours after. I got four machine shaped puffy shapes on my forehead that popped out about an hour after; my cheeks were just brown and scaly.

Anyone who says there is no down time is crazy. I look horrible. The spots are impossible to cover with makeup. My right forehead marks are the worst. I believe I was burned there. I have used special creams, aloe, neosporin, aquaphor, and sunscreen to try to protect the areas, especially the forehead. The worst spot's scabs/flakes on my forehead have come off mostly. It is light and pink underneath there and on my forehead. It looks like I have a pigmentation problem. I am still puffy above my eyebrow where I believe I was burned and I don't know if that is normal.

The cheeks have seemed to flake slowly. It has now been about five days and I am just praying that the flakes, swelling, and light spots even out in the next few days or week.

If I could do it all over again, I would not have done it. I feel I was misled about the ease of the procedure and I am very worried about potential scarring, pigmentation problems, and the swelling above my eye on my forehead.

I will never do this again. Any doctor's or patient's feedback would be very helpful.

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I feel misled about the ease of the procedure. I feel that the office should warn patients who do this in the summer about postponing appointments. Maybe I didn't ask enough questions, but I feel I didn't get the whole story and they wanted to sell me the procedure.

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