Dot Laser Experience & Follow-up - Northbrook, IL

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I had this procedure on 12/2/10. I had numbing...

I had this procedure on 12/2/10. I had numbing cream applied to my face which sat about an hour before the procedure. I was uncertain if I wanted to do my neck, but decided to go for it as the nurse esthetician who performed the procedure thought I would get a good result. It ranged from mildly uncomfortable to "whoooaaahhh! that really hurts" in some spots.

It definitely felt like I had a burn (although didn't need more than a few ibuprofen the first night). I swelled big time the following few days. It was at least a week until I felt comfortable being in public.

I probably should mention that I'm 60 years old. So here it is, just over 4 months from the procedure. I don't really think it helped all that much. Yes, they say multiple treatments are recommended, but based on the full week of downtime and the lack of any real obvious result to me, I don't think it's worth it. I understand that if a plastic surgeon performs the procedure and you're sedated, they can be more aggressive. That might be worth it, I can't say.

I had "spot" co2 laser resurfacing done in the late 90's and the results were phenomenal - with the downside being it looked like a had a major sunburn for 4 months. I wish I had done my whole face at that time as now I'm aging unevenly. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Also be careful with the neck. While I don't know if it's because of the dot treatment, I'm just noticing my neck now seems to "need work" (tightening) whereas I didn't seem to notice it before the procedure.

And while I'm recommending the person who did it, I'm not naming the person and I'm NOT recommending the procedure.

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