I Had a Lower Body Lift, Thigh Lift and Lipo. Three Procedures and I Require Revisions

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The pros of what I had done, are that I am a bit...

The pros of what I had done, are that I am a bit smaller and tighter.

Cons, lack of symetry. One hip is larger and has a big indentation, my left shin is smaller than my right and I still have bulging behind my knees even though I specified they were to be corrected as part of the surgery.

I would like to give the surgeon who worked on me the opportunity to correct these issues,but he does not seem interested in completing the job. What recourse do I have? I had a gastric bypass which resulted in loose skin.

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I expected the dr. to be straight forward when he agreed to do the revisions. He agreed to no additional fee and exactly 6 days prior to my scheduled surgery he renegged using my health as the reason even though I had clearance from 2 physicians. When I was paying there were not any health issues. I think this is very disappointing of a doctor whom I had once respected and felt had too much integrity to fein such a scenario. I am not sure I want him to make the correction, even for free...

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