Smartlipo MDX on Upper/lower Abdomen and Flanks

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Smartlipo MDX Upper/Lower and Flanks Done 2000cc...

Smartlipo MDX
Upper/Lower and Flanks Done 2000cc 1350 cc of fat removed

My name is Leah and I have always wanted liposuction but didn't take it seriously until I started seeing a lot of advertising for Smartlip MDX in the last couple of years.

As you can see in my pictures I keep most of my fat in my abdomen region. My stomach is larger then my hips. In the morning is when I look my best and my stomach looks flat but after I eat something my stomach increased by several inches. I am done having children now that I have 2 boys and a girl.


130 Pounds
2" above belly button= 33 inches
Belly Button= 37 inches
2" below belly button= 38"
Wear a size 5 pants with muffin top hanging over.


$ 73.00= Medicine
$4,500- Smarlipo MDX

The medicine that I got was:
Hydroco/apap10-325mg tab (pain management)
Lorazepam 2mg (anxiety)
Promethazine 12.5mg (antihistamine)
Ketorolac 10mg (anit-inflamitory)
Cephalexin 500mg (antibiotic)

I contacted 5 plastic surgeons (none agreed with Smartlipo nor did it themselves) and 2 surgeons that specialized in Smart Lipo MDX. After much research I decided to go with Smartlipo MDX. I liked the fact that I wasn't going to be put completely under since I have had severe nausea problems in the past from Anastasia.

I chose Dr. S for his expertise in the area of Smartlipo but he was still willing to listen and take what I had to say as the ultimate goal because I was the patient. It's almost like going to a salon and you tell them exactly what you want but you can tell they aren't listening and they feel they know best because they have been doing it for years and you get a crazy hair cut.

The other thing I really liked about Dr. S is once I decided Smartlipo was what I wanted I just wanted to get it over with. They were able to book my consultation and my appointment in less then 2 weeks. The other wonderful thing was I did all my consultataiton with the Doctor himself instead of the office manager. If I had an issue, the doctor called me back. I liked having the doctor do all the consultation and him deciding the cost since he knew how much fat he was removing. Most places didn't go on the individual to determine the pricing but had a cookie cutter price sheet even if someone had 1000 cc or 3000 cc removed.

My appointment was for 2-22-10 at 9:00 a.m. I went in paid and went into the waiting room. They are usually closed on Mondays but scheduled me so they would have plenty of time. I went back in to the room and I took my 5 medicines. Then I put on a robe and they marked the areas that they were going to remove the fat. Once they did that things start getting fuzzy since the medicine stated kicking in. I remember laying down on the table and getting my blackberry situated to listen to music but falling asleep before getting it done. I woke up complaining about some stabbing pain but I think that was when they were putting solution in my stomach to make my fat cells bigger. The last thing I remember them saying is "now it is time to remove your fat" or something to that effect.

I think I got on the bed around 10:15 a.m. and didn't get done until 5:00 p.m. I basically slept from the 22nd until the the evening of the 24th. The morning of the 23rd I noticed that the Hydroco/APAP10-325 wasn't strong enough. The Doctor called in Perkeset and that seems to work better for the pain. It does knock you out for awhile.

The most bothersome is the drainage tube that the doctor put in the top of the vaginal area. He did this so the solution/blood drains easier and that it is less of a mess. My husband takes the top off and empties it in the toilet and puts the cap back on. It isn't messy but I can't shower for 4 days until they remove it on Friday Morning.

The other thing that is super bothersome and almost painful is my garment. It is on the loosest setting but I think because I look small they ordered me a small and it feels as though it is breaking my ribs. I also have medical foam underneath my garment that is an inch thick so it makes it really tight. The other thing is I didn't get a stool softener and haven't had a bowel movement since Sunday Night (today is Wednesday Night) I have taken some over the counter. Basically, it is my 3rd day and it is still very painful.

I don't know how some people hop right back up and drive and go on walks etc.. I can barley get up to the bathroom without grimacing. Everyone else is lucky to be able to take pictures so soon. My garment has to stay on until Friday then I can finally take it off for 2 hours to shower :) Once I can shower I will post pictures up. I am hoping for amazing results!

Dr. Stafford with of Vein Clinics Northwest

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