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4'4" 128 lbs 42 yes old mom of 4. 1st at...

4'4" 128 lbs 42 yes old mom of 4. 1st at 17. 2nd 15 months later he weighed 10 lbs and I gained 90lbs. Lost all of the weight. 3rd c-section. 4th weighed 7.5 but I weighted 220 AGAIN!I have lost it all and kept it off for over 13 years now. but my body and boobs paid the price.

My husband and I met after my second was born (20+ yrs ago) so this is all he had ever known me to look like and he thinks I'm beautiful. I love him dearly for that. BUT ok here is the real me now. I'm SICK of wishing the lights were off. Sick of putting the boobs back in the bra when I bend over (or getting ugly bras becaude they cover it all) The who "fried egg on a nail" I'm using that when I see the PS next August 16th. Tired of pulling the shirt down to hide the belly button (or what use to be one) UGG dont even get me started on the leaning over. It reminds me of a momma dog that had one to many litters of ( I'll post pic).

I want my husband to have the ME I was not the ME he ended up with. (no worries I love the rest of me just NOT the boobies and belly) SO ladies. Thank you all who have posted before and for many of you your sence of humor!!!

The garbage bag trick... putting the garbage bag...

The garbage bag trick... putting the garbage bag on the seat of the car for sliding in and out.. works great. I did a trial run today.. great idea. I am wondering if one on the recliner would be good too.... My house is 100% cleaned. Tomorrow I will go get a few things from the store. salad fruit ect and get my hair colored, and vacuum that's all I have left!

Updated on 5 Jan 2012:
23 hours ! well so I am telling a few people I am having surgery and thats is just some private issues (hoping thats the end of the conversation) if not I will just say female issues. because they will ask and will wonder why I am gone.

Updated on 8 Jan 2012:
Well it's Saturday and i am on my 2nd day post op. Really the pain is noot TO bad. I will say the doc gave me 2 different ones. one he felt was a better choice and the other was IN CASE i couldnt handle the the other.. nausia and loopy.. Well the one that was not as strong I am going to use during the day. And as far as swelling goes oddly enough I am but MOSTLY in my lower back... thats the only "uncompressed" place.. so its got to go somewhere..
If the spelling is off forgive me I am on the pain meds. For me the high back office chair is best for day use and I LOVED sleeping in the bed BUT HATED trings to get out of it.
I HAVE A BELLY BUTTON!! I still have stretch marks and KNEW I would but no more wrinkley skin!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Dr. was great. The incision line is VERY low and fairly thin. honestly the first pain I noticed was the chest. Ice made them feel much better that and cold washwrags.. I DID have a Cath in that I took out today. AND I ONLY HAVE ONE DRAIN!! thats all I had, nice. 100% glad I got the toilet seat riser!!! and glad I had all the foods (dinners) in the freezer.. all homade heathy foods.. I was sick for just a tiny tiny minute yesterday! glad thats gone now. one thing I am noticing that the binder doesnt stay put.. not a big deal but it freaks my husband out when it needs rearranged..we did that this morning. FEELS SO MUCH BETTER!!!! we also changed the gause which was scary only because we didnt want it to pull on anything and it was drying . but again no big deal and not hard to do. We used small pieces of not very sticky surgery tape to hold the pads in place (barely) so the binder could be put back on with out hand in there trying to hold pads in place.... ...
I ate real food today and it was so good.

Updated on 9 Jan 2012:
day 3 post op. Surgery was Friday I got out of surgery and was in recovery by 3 pm. So as far as how things look..(sorry not posting photos right now) I do still have stretch marks above the belly button (remember this is plastic surgery not a miracle) we knew that they would not all be gone. so IF like me you have A LOT of strech marks just know they may not and probably will not all go away.. BUT no more HANGING skin. No more wrinkles. SO I say SUCCESS!! the boobs are very swollen today I slept upright but I think I was a bit crooked or angled because one is a tad more swollen than the other. no big deal. Swapped the binder I cam home in for a fresh one let me tell you IT FEELS much better!! I got to sponge bathe again.. but what I really want is to wash my hair!!!! I put on sweats and sweatshirt today, and I will change BACK to a gown (granny robe zips all the way up in front) it is WAY easier to keep care of bulb from drain and ANY binder stuff. I suggest IF you dont have something like that on your list GET ONE. I got mine on clearance at WalMart and that and a toilet seat riser are two things I am SO GLAD I got... all the incision look good and really my pain is not bad. Not that its not painful but now it's a dull ache. like I worked out really hard and am now sore. YES LEGS!! The best thing when getting up and down? for me it's being able to get your legs under you like kitchen chair or office chair.. then just like a lunge raise the body up... I am standing straighter each day... I think having my husband to help me the first week is a God send. I believe that will help me heal faster. YOU WILL BE TIRED... so rest.. if you have any questions let me know I will give you an honest answer (opinion)..

Updated on 10 Jan 2012:
post op day 4. well The drain is still in. but I was able to at least get my hair washed! My husband was so careful and it felt SO good to get it washed. I am in little pain really I would say 1-5 it would be a 2.. my back hurts for sure. I had been in the recliner up untill today so NO MORE RECLINER. One thing I noticed was the "bra" they gave me, with all the swelling it was way tight. So ice bags galore and I had to loosen it up. It was pulling my neck so hard it was painful. Also the binder needed to be loosened just a tad.. its a balancing game for sure!.. I think between feeling better and added doing I OVER did it a bit and felt a bit sick this morning. so Lesson learned!. I did have a BM yesterday and it was no big deal othe than THINKING it was going to be a big deal. lol I am able to eat about 1/12 to 2 cups of food at a time so thats plenty. I do have snacks regularly. I was so thrilled to get this done and have not even once had the sad or depressed or the WHY DID I DO THIS... I am 100% glad I did. swelling on the boobies is far worse than the tummy. I had the lift done.. MAN talk about bruised.. I have never had a bruise that big..of course I really have not had much trama othe than the kids. Ice Cold apple juice was the best thing for the sore throat. that did last till day 3. One of our church friends stopped by and insisted on seeing me. (she really is a sweet sweet person) she asked "so what did they do?) I just said personal girl issues.. and left it at that.. it was good enough.. that is the only info I am giving out no matter how much people ask. I dont want to lie so I am chose to go about it telling the truth and leaving out details.. thats fine... I believe I will look very close to the "stuffing" of the bra look so no one will notice... well except my husband HE notices!!!..
oh feeling.. I actually have a lot of feeling just a triangle shape from above the BB down to the incision is all that is numb. also the left nipple is a bit numb BUT I think its better today, color looks fine and so I think it will be all good. I did take hydracodone the first few days but taking tramadol right now. The PS said Ibuprophin is fine now we are postop. and it did help with swelling...
I will also add that we are so glad we chose Dr.O. he has just been great. him and his office staff and his surgery center staff. simply couldnt have asked for more.

Updated on 11 Jan 2012:
Wednesday Post op day 5.
Well just to update on things. lesson learned the last few days TAKE A NAP IF YOUR TIRED!
just 10 - 50 minutes is all my body will sleep but it needs it. if I dont I get ill feeling so just nap so it won't take longer to heal. The swelling is not to bad, although it is a bit uncomfortable. With the boobies the pressure is worse than the tummy. My swelling is in the upper and outer edges of the breast, like armpit ish area. cold wash wrags and ice feel great. I also very lightly just rub that area (with doc permission) it seems to be worse in the morning. I assume it is from laying down at night. I am eating normal foods now, not totally normal amounts but thats ok, I eat a little all day long.
I know everyone says dont weigh but I had to! SO I DID AND maybe its not normal but I am up only 4 lbs. I FEEL like I am up 25 lbs with all the compression and gause! lol
I put on lounge pants today and it feels good to be semi normal..
My drain (only had one) put out 10 cc the last 12 hours. At that rate I will have them out by friday. CROSSING MY FINGERS!
left nipple still not "feeling" normal but color is fine, doc was not concerned and I am noticing today a little odd "spark" like feeling not sure whet to call it. like nerves are reconnecting kind of feeling.
my incisions all look good. OH the lovley binder, I dont believe everyone has the same kind but mine wants to ride up all the time so I have to adjust it at LEAST 2 times a day. It raised up above my incision yesterday and I had not noticed for a while ( I think it was while I was napping) anyway the incision line was not compressed. YES IT WAS PAINFUL when I woke up and noticed. so check often.. we dont want extra pressure there.

IF I had to buy things again these are (so far) things I WOULD get again
1. Toilet seat raiser 100%
2. step ladder (I am using that in the shower instead of a shower chair, its taller and will be used for the house when I no longer need it)
3. Bendy straws
4. garbage bag on the car seat 100%
5. have a timer for the meds
6. Alcahol pads or wipes
and for me the high back office chair that I borrowed has been a blessing

paper plates and plastic silverware.

Now with that said My PS sent us home with EVERYTHING needed for wound care so I did not need to buy thoes types of things.

Updated on 12 Jan 2012:
DAY 6 post op
Well my drain came out this morning!!! I CAN SHOWER!! oh how exciting!
I had a little swelling I was concerned about but the PS said it was just normal. That it is from surgery and to just take it easy. (possibly trying to do to much to soon) I honestly feel very good. I will get the stitches out next week. Some are disolvable some are not. I was also told I could switch to a different compression garment (more of a girdle type) but to be sure to keep things good and compressed. Other than my husband making me laugh I am not doing to bad..

Updated on 13 Jan 2012:
Day 7 post op (friday)
Well at 3pm today I will have made it officially 1 week.
Last night was actually one of the harder nights of the week. I had a new compression garment the doc gave me I think it was to tight. I ended up taking it off and going back to the one I got from the OR. So I feel better today.
I didnt realise how when everyone said EVERYTHING is exausting...they ment it!
I went with my husband to the store, got pineapple, gause pads, and looked at some compression garments just for something to do.. By the time I got to the car. I was Exausted. I really am suprised.. But I thinks its good that I see it..I NEED to listen to my body and rest.
The drain came out yesterday and the drain was in a line across my abs. down along the incision line from hip to hip. it is tender there now. Not painful just a little more tender than the rest.
The breast look good. They arent sure if they want to swell or just look like barbie boobs at this point. lol. I know the swelling will go down and they will feel better but it's funny to me that they dont move at all.. HEY I'M NOT complaining.... just saying.
I didnt have lipo at least I dont think. I forgot to ask the Doc if he had decided to do any on the pubic area so there would not be a "love mound" when all was said and done.
I am VERY tender to the touch on one spot of the pubic area. but its like a swollen painful to the touch feeling.. Does that make any sence? I dont know why for sure but doc was not worried.

Updated on 15 Jan 2012:
at 9 days post op now. thinks that are running through my mind:
1. I MADE IT I am actually going to see some results now.
2. How long does this breast swelling last?
3. How long should I , do I need to wear this beautiful bra, hate to go buy one yet as I know it wont fit right
4. When can I stretch!! I so want to just take a big morning stretch!
5. I want to get back to normal now, but I know I am not quite ready.
6. when can my husband enjoy these new, girls :)
(just being realalistic here)
the pain in my back is over riding any other pain at this point. which even at that is not bad. More annoying than anything else.
It will all be over soon and this will be a wonderful distant memory.

Updated on 16 Jan 2012:
I just wanted to share the feeling today. LONG day. first day with husband and Oldest Son (my other helper) back to work. I was up at 4:30 thats actually normal in our home. Then was taking a nap at 7 I say I slept 45 min. My daughter needed something from the store. Tomorrow is school so I rode with her (she has a permit) WE WENT IN CAME OUT JUST IN THE STORE 5 MINUTES 10 MAX. Came home and I was exausted. I think I pushed it a bit. I ate lunch then slept 2 hours!! now mind you I have NEVER in my life taken naps. other than when I had the flu.. I didn't nap when I had my babies even. so this is very unusual for me. I think I am forgetting to eat all my nutrition so I am going to be more careful tomorrow... so IT DOES TAKE A BIT OF ENERGY TO HEAL.. I feel good today. that is untill I had a coughing attack.. OH MY GOSH that was not fun. it actually hurt enough to make me cry.. Ice Cold apple juice through a straw was the only thing that helped.

Updated on 18 Jan 2012:
Stiches that are removeable come out today!! I have a list of questions ready to ask my PS.. and the biggest one the sleeping on my side..

Updated on 18 Jan 2012:
Well nothing! nope no stitches got to come out today. I did want to mention something just in case anyone else has this come up. I did get a lift and Aug. but on the incision line under the breast I had tape. well I noticed a light yellow fluid coming from under the tape. I had no pain, no smell no anything else. YES I FREAKED OUT!
Went to the Doc. he removed the tape and everything looks wonderful. so the fluid?? He said sometimes (not a lot and not everyone) there will be a fat deposit in the area they do the surgery and that is actually fat seeping out.. it will stop and its no big deal. Now mind you I DID NOT notice it at first it was not untill day 10. so IF you have the same issue that may be something to consider. BUT if your like 99% of the ladies youll worry anyway.. :) other than that I am doing good. VERY sore from the coughing I have done the last 2 days but that is only temporary and no sutures are compromised.

Updated on 19 Jan 2012:
post op day 13.
I will say I am not sure if this last two weeks flew by or took forever.. I am amazed it has only been 2 weeks. Funny yesterday I asked the Doc how long before I was back to normal, the feeling tired and things. and I asked about the treadmill, vacuuming, pulling laundry out of the washer ect. just normal everyday life things.. for some he said 4 weeks. But he just looked at me funny and said "You DO realise that you JUST had MAJOR surgery right? I mean 5 hours IN surgery, thats a lot." Again I guess I didn't and maybe still don't quite grasp that. Not sure what it is or why. Maybe I am just SO EXCITED that I have a belly button and actually have boobies that are where they belong!? Maybe because I just have never been in this situation of being down and semi helpless really ever. (2 days in hosp after C-Section is all)... BUT he did say if I WANTED things to swell to go ahead and vacuum..... ummmmm no thank you. :)

Evening of Post op day 13..
OK so I felt great the last few days. I actually have driven a few times. NOT my best form but I did. NOW the reason for posting tonight is I am swollen and sore...Feeling good feels great untill you realise that the body still needs time. So I have promissed myself and my husband verbally that I will ask for help and I will no try to keep the house clean during the day. I will LEARN to enjoy?? word search, Card games, maybea book and movies..This is REALLY I think more emotionally hard for me than anything. I actually cried... My husband reminded me that we have some plans to go do some things together and IF I am not healing well because of my own stubborness then I have no one to blame and I wont be able to go... I am swollen above the incision area. (first time sence inital surgery swelling went down) and the boobs are swollen on the sides.. I have decided to go back to the origional binders during the day. or at least as much as possible. If I HAVE to go somewhere I will wear the thinner one.. Also the Bra they sent me home in feels more secure SO for now. I think I learned my lesson..Mind you I did not do much. I picked up my room and cleaned the kitchen. thats it. BUT I will say that having people calling all day does not help. So the phone is going to be off the hook for the next WEEK so I CAN NAP (haven the last two days) AND when I'm not sleeping I will turn it down. My hubby or kids or sister can all text me if they want to talk and need the phone answered.. what do ya think of my plan???

Post op day 17. Well hellow my friends. I just...

Post op day 17.
Well hellow my friends. I just wanted to be sure to update how the weekend went. I was able to go to church this weekend. First time sence surgery. It was so nice to get out and pretty up a bit. It was a lot for sure, and I had to nap when I got home. My husband has been a great help but is still a bit overprotective. He doesnt want me to pour coffee or OJ or milk if I dont HAVE to. He just tells me to go sit down and he will get it. I am begining to feel like I NEED to use my arms! But I do know It's because he loves me.... I couldnt ask for moe.

I have ONE area of concern on my tummy. I am going to talk to the PS on Wednesday about it. IF you ladies have read of anyone else having something like this going on I would like to know. I had one spot that was SO sore and looked uneven. It seemed hard but puffy.. Doc said it is just from surgery but will subside. It is now bruised looking but IS getting better just as he said it would. Now just above that next to the BB it seems to be doing the same thing only THIS did not seem to happen until AFTER my cough attack. it is a firm area that is very sore and a bit puffy looking...

Well HOPEFULLY I get the stitches out today! ugh...

well HOPEFULLY I get the stitches out today! ugh they are driving me BONKERS. one right on the hip bone (may be disolvable but OUCH) the binder just irratates it.... feeling lopsides today on top.. When does that go away. the left has some swelling the right does not. they are both in the same place just one still swells pretty good (well not good...)
I know this is all normal but MAN it's annoying, maybe because there is no "date" to put on the calander as to when it will be done... Sorry to whine. I think the lack of sleeping at night has cought up with me. I just am not comfortable.. any ideas? Cant lay on my side boobs hurt, cant lay flat HATE laying all crunched up :(
OK OK so now let me stop.. I have made it through the worst of it and I AM on the mending end, I have 2 1/2 weeks behind me so instead of 6 to 8 weeks in front of me I only have 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 weeks .... So I can stop whining now and be happy... I actually am happy AND I would at this point do it again.

He removed ALL of my stitches!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my...

He removed ALL of my stitches!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness I feel so much better!!!!!

He removed all from tummy and breast and belly button!!

I did have a few questions for him he said everything is looking great! The one spot I mentioned by the BB the one we noticed AFTER the cough attack.. he said I MAY have ripped a stitch BUT he doesnt want to do anything because it may not be as bad as we think. He wants the swelling to go down and to give it time. IF we end up feeling like something needs done then he said we can deal with it by going in right through a strech mark that was left so there would be no additional scar..BUT it may not be anything to worry about.

I dont go back for 2 weeks. that will put me at 4 /12 weeks..

He put me on 2 more weeks of light duty. and no arms overhead. But he does want me to do like range of motion. SO bring arms up in front then out to the sides AT shoulder height. Just to keep them moving and keep the muscle active.

NO laundry, no vaccuming, no dishes to cuboard.... ect So just little stuff still
just for two weeks....

I can drive as long as it is not a BIG trip, or all day...


Maybe tonight I will sleep better!

3 weeks today! I made it. I did have more energy...

3 weeks today! I made it. I did have more energy this week which was nice but sheesh no one will really let me do anything. I am feeling swollen. But realizing that it only takes a tiny bit of swelling to feel really swollen..
The tummy looks good.. The boobs are still swollen and UP to my EARS.. when I lean over they feel like they are swelling.. But I think its just not being use to them... maybe...

I did go to macys today and buy that miraclesuit #2750.. not the exact one I wanted but close I am hoping it will be just right. it is sure snug enough.. it says extra firm control on it. I bought the larg in this style the medium was mot gonna work.. ( I still need to breath lol)

Post op day 22- well I can say I think week 3 is...

Post op day 22- well I can say I think week 3 is another turn point.. I feel better and am sleeping better. not perfect but better.. If it werent for getting up to go potty at nigh I think I would be doing really well.. getting up from bed is still a pain but not as bad as it was. It incision is looking very good

3 weeks and 3 days post op. First I want to say...

3 weeks and 3 days post op.
First I want to say how excited I am.. My incisions look good and my scars are really smooth. (with a small spot of exception) I was abolt to get into my pre op jeans again WOOT! I was never intending or thinking I would be a smaller size. I had very little to no fat and so the skin itself did nottake up a lot of room. It just looked so bad. I feel so much better. I am doing pretty good with getting things back to normal. My husband is a bit over protective but thats fine.. I DO tend to be one to over do it. At my last PS appointment the doc asked IF Ihe gave me some freedom would I over do it? I just looked at him and pointed to my husband and told him that I wasent the one to ask... I wold over do it and would NOT want to admit it or be put on restriction. BUT wisdom is the best guide here. So he put me on 2 more weeks of light duty. SO what to do during light duty??? Clean or organize the drawers in my room. Going through the shirts pants ect that I WONT or cant wear any more. :) I do realize how many things I wore to hide behind.. because I didn't like me.. Now I dont expect this surgery to "change" my life.. I love my life I just hated hiding or feeling embarrassed when my husband saw me or touched me. I know I am no different than anyone else. SO in that I do feel better. I still have strech marks and thoes dont bother me AT ALL.. I never had problems with thoes..
So at the 24 day mark I an doing good.
It is still a bit hard to drive. I dont like having to back up out of a parking spot. I find it hard to turn to my side in bed. and standing for more than 45 min (in one place) makes my tummy feel tight. But that is more so in the evening.
I guess thats normal To feel more swollen as the day goes on. Feels good to be DOING something again.. now to be wise and NOT overdo it :)

Well doing better today 3 weeks and 4 days I think...

well doing better today 3 weeks and 4 days I think. I was ALLOWED to go grocery shopping ( with a helper) but I did it. I went to Costco!! Felt good to get out of the house. But it did let me know I was not at 100% yet.. You know what though I think I am finally ready to say."IT'S OK" It's ok if my floor has not been mopped in a little while..Maybe all my OCD with keeping things so clean was NOT as much of a need as I thought? MAYBE.... The weather has been warmer and I want to be outside but not yet I know.. I am still waiting for the Doc to release me the pre op photos.. and surgery photos... YES I ASKED him to take DURING surgery photos... It was actually very amazing to me.. and I was shocked to see the amount of skin that they removed.. my husband said aprox 16 "... but when we see the photos acain we will be able to tell better.... I showed my sister my BB today..She was so happy for me. Feels good.... She knows how long I hated the way I looked.. not me just the way I looked..
I still have a few sore spots. the binder rubbing on the hip bone accross the scar. the boobies are still pretty tender. but it really has been a much better week. I think week 4 must be the turn around week?? well at least MUCH better..

only updating the review in the "lift" forum BUT I did the TT and the LIFT W/IMPLANTS all at the same time. so just jump to the other review for the updates. and photos :) thanks


Not only am I glad I cholse Dr. O but I also felt so well cared for by his surgery center staff. I have not had ONE unanswered question or concern. I think he and his staff are wonderful. He LISTENED to what I wanted and with his help we chose EXACTLY what I wanted.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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