Heyyyy, so after searching for agessss on real...

Heyyyy, so after searching for agessss on real self for reviews on ethnic rhinoplastys similar to mine it seemed literally impossible. I'm Asian but don't require the typical 'Asian rhinoplasty' which involves implants or anything I am south Asian and have similar problems to Caucasians.

I'm from the UK but have been abroad in Asia/Australia over a year now and hearing and seeing so much amazing work done (lady boys) I've settled to get my rhinoplasty in Asia.Originally going for Thailand I've changed my mind and going for the Philippines.Finally got confirmation for my op November 9th!!!! I'll be flying from Australia on the 8th.I've decided to go for Doctor Eric Yapjuangco from The Icon Clinic after stalking his Instagram and reading heaps of reviews. So although I think my nose is so bulbous and my side profile is horrible I didn't realise it was as bad as it is cos I need heaps done! Lol I just want a more petite feminine nose, and my side profile to be a lot more subtle.

The list..

Looking at your pictures taken at the side, I noticed that there is also a hump on the bridge of the nose.

To make your nose smaller and look more feminine, what we will need to do is to rasp down the hump, we will also get some cartilage from the ear or from the septum to do Tiplasty.

We can also do Alarplasty to make the lower third part of the nose slimmer and narrower.

Lastly, we might have to do a Nasal Bone Infracture/ Osteotomy to narrow the middle third part of the bridge.

Dr. Eric Yapjuangco

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