Botched Ethnic Rhinoplasty By Dr Eric Yapjuangco (DocYappy) - NOT HAPPY

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Heyyyy, so after searching for agessss on real...

Heyyyy, so after searching for agessss on real self for reviews on ethnic rhinoplastys similar to mine it seemed literally impossible. I'm Asian but don't require the typical 'Asian rhinoplasty' which involves implants or anything I am south Asian and have similar problems to Caucasians.

I'm from the UK but have been abroad in Asia/Australia over a year now and hearing and seeing so much amazing work done (lady boys) I've settled to get my rhinoplasty in Asia.Originally going for Thailand I've changed my mind and going for the Philippines.Finally got confirmation for my op November 9th!!!! I'll be flying from Australia on the 8th.I've decided to go for Doctor Eric Yapjuangco from The Icon Clinic after stalking his Instagram and reading heaps of reviews. So although I think my nose is so bulbous and my side profile is horrible I didn't realise it was as bad as it is cos I need heaps done! Lol I just want a more petite feminine nose, and my side profile to be a lot more subtle.

The list..

Looking at your pictures taken at the side, I noticed that there is also a hump on the bridge of the nose.

To make your nose smaller and look more feminine, what we will need to do is to rasp down the hump, we will also get some cartilage from the ear or from the septum to do Tiplasty.

We can also do Alarplasty to make the lower third part of the nose slimmer and narrower.

Lastly, we might have to do a Nasal Bone Infracture/ Osteotomy to narrow the middle third part of the bridge.

I'm officially an Icon Doll!

So I went in a little early before my 4pm appointment yesterday, icon clinic is so nice!!! Felt a bit awkward seeing heaps of girls all sitting waiting also but it gave me the confidence that I chose the right doc.
Did my paperwork blood test weight and height measurements and well as blood pressure. After a while I saw Dr Yappy (his office is so cooool) but we went over my main issues what's achievable etc he took a pic of my wish pic as I continuously emphasised my side profile and the arch I want. Then I was taken into a recovery room to wait.
After a while the anaesthesiologist who was very lovely and bubbly explained it all to be as I had never been hospital let alone receive any form of sedation. Also took a pregnancy test.
I was given the clothe to wear and removed all jewellery (inc my belly bar which one of the nurses took the bar returning after surgery but I didn't remember and now I'm sure my piercing has closed)

Oh my god. Anaesthesia.

I don't remember anything about my operation so can not comment, but I remember going in around 5pm getting my IV and something to make me sleepy. I then remember the guy putting the anaesthesia through saying I'll feel tingling or cold and literally that is it.
I woke up shaking so bad, like all I can remember was just shaking and nurses around I hadn't acknowledged I've had my nose done.
I literally couldn't talk enough to ask what was going on or what the Time was I was covered in blankets trying to get me to stop shaking.
I do recall him saying it is a side effect but I never guessed to this extent.
No idea how long I was out for or how long I was there, after a while I was taken back into my recovery room where I continues to shake so much.
Bless my nurse I kept asking for water but would throw it straight back up she would fill the glass with a sip and a straw but my mouth was so dry I'de just have it really quick.
Throw it up just blood and water but will also come from my nose. I couldn't wipe it cos she would tell me not to touch my nose.
For hours I can't explain the feeling but it was just the worst feeling ever, around 4.30am I was saying I want to go home and rest. She called the dr in to explain my medication and aftercare to me, mind you I processed nothing at all. They do give you a little bag with medicine and instructions. As I was going to leave I realised I had no soft food, so my nurse ran to the convenient store for me got me some yoghurts and water and wheelchaired me to the taxi. (I live literally a 2 minute walk but there's no way I could have walked especially with a crazy main road where there is no crossing)
So I got home tried to eat a yoghurt so I can gain some energy and drunk some water.
Literally threw it all up in seconds I was way too dizzy to stand so laid in bed upright.

Honestly the worst 4 hours of my life.
My nose continuously dripped blood I kept trying to wipe it and sleep my mouth was soooo dry there was so much blood on my lips and in my mouth I got up at 8am trying to clean myself up.
I'de go the bathroom use distilled water with cotton buds and make up pads but couldn't stand for long without feeling like I need to pass out.
There were like layers of dry blood all around my nose my tongue my chest just everywhere. There's only so much a little cotton bud could do so I start using make up remover pads. Like there were so many layers of dried blood it took forever. Also as I kept coming back into my room to sit every few minutes cos I felt like passing out.

After cleaning up my face I felt a lot better my tongue was so disgusting!!! So I sat on the edge of my bed had a yoghurt some grapes and some water my antibiotics and an ibuprofen. When I first woke up after surgery I had taken a picture I had barely any swelling in the morning I couldn't really open my eyes their all dark and swollen as, just applied arnica.

It's only 12.30 in the afternoon I am wide awake laying in bed no clue what to do with myself!! I'm scared to go outside but I need to stock up on water..

And ofc the swelling has got worse

More pics the swelling has only just started by the looks of it my right eye is almost completely shut now

Follow up appointment

Just walked to the clinic for my follow up appointment, didn't see Dr Yap at all just a nurse who took me in to clean my nose.. I told her I'm having trouble breathing as in my chest really hurts my throat is also hurting a lot like swallowing my saliva is painful so she went to ask the Dr Yap regarding it after a while she came back and said he said its normal from the anaesthesia and maybe take some vitamin c for my swelling.
So I will be going back in on Wednesday for removal of my cast and stitches!!!
I've still not seen the Doctor Yap at all since going into surgery would have been nice to actually see him and know what happened during surgery and what I actually had done.. Because tbh I'm not 100% sure right now. I know my bridge was shaved down along with the sides, Osteotomy, cartilage from my septum for tiplasty (don't know if it was done)
I will upload pictures of the swelling with no edits now because it looks NOTHING like me..

Other then my chest hurting and throat I don't feel bad at all, been doing usual daily things like going shopping, cooking, getting food etc other then the stares I get feel pretty good.

Day 4- my face is almost back

Hey guys, so I've been feeling pretty good regardless of the lack of sleep yesterday was my first night staying in bed past 8am!!
I wasn't feeling myself much cos of all the swelling but my face is ALMOST back the swelling has all gone from my eyes just a little bruising left.
Just swollen below my eyes now my cheeks and jawline.
Had the most EMBARRASSING day ever today tho but it made me laugh.
I wore a dress with buttons down the from, put my lil mask thing on and went down to the shop as I'm walking back with my groceries everyone is staring at me more so then normal I get the mask causes attention.
Then I walk past the apartment block beside mine and the security guy starts singing in Filipino I'm like this is weird feel the front of my dress and all my buttons had undone so my boobs are just there hanging out ???????????? pulled the mask off so I can see out my stuff on a pried bike and buttoned my dress up and ran to my apartment sooooo embarrassing haha
Atleast I don't know anyone here I suppose

Cast off- day 7

Hey girls, so I've got my cast and stitches off today and I literally hate what's underneath can't even deal with looking at myself right now. I can see improvement on my side profile but from the front my nose is just MASSIVE.
So I'm not going to be posting much for a little bit, I know it's very very swollen Dr Yap reassured me that it's going to look great and I look amazing for only 7 days post op in terms of swelling. It's like even though you know prior to removal your nose is going to be massive and swollen nothing prepares you for when you actually see yourself with a worse off nose then you started off with. I trust Dr. Yap fully and he seemed so confident that it makes me feel as though it will look amazing but till it calms down a little See ya x

Pics soon..

So my swelling is slowlyyyyy going down, my side profile is slowly looking better but from the front the sides are soooo swollen still.
I will upload pics my columella has been stitches SO UNEVENLY it's ridiculous it looks horrendous from the side, but Dr Eric said its swelling and cos of excess skin from shaving down so much but will eventually bounce back.
So I have a few things I should have mentioned regarding the clinic.
Firstly, for a clinic with ONLY one surgeon it is crazy busy which is nice and gives you confidence in the doctor but you can feel a bit neglected and perhaps too many patients are taken on.
For follow ups you are not given any specific time to come in just come between 1-4 or something (be prepared to wait for HOURSSSSSSS to see doc for a few mins)
Consultations/surgeries/follow ups are all on the same day just seems pretty unorganised.
I sat there waiting for hours to show Dr Eric my uneven stitching there's no patient file so every nurse individually came to me asking what day I am post op, why I am there. I was taken in the room and left there another 10-15 minutes when one of the nurses said she'll clean my nose. She then was like oh you have stitches you getting them removed (this is on day 14) I didn't even know I had stitches left in my nostrils the nurse that removed the stitches on the seventh day mentioned NOTHING about them.
Anyway Doctor Eric is very nice and makes you feel very comfortable but I feel as though he's always rushing to leave I've probably spoken to him 5 minutes max at any given time.
I'm almost one month post op and I have stitches left in my nose... That one of the many nurses that dug in my nose did not detect.. I was panicking about it the other night when I noticed dr said it is apparently absorbable I can cut off if I like (it hurt I couldn't)
Overall I just think better organisation with designated appointment times and patient files would be very beneficial.


Hey so here are some pics 1 month post op.
Be prepared for the oiliesttt nose you've ever had like its like my nose is excreting olive oil by the barrel from my nose but it's also flake and dry??
My collumela is hanging sooo low you can see the difference.
I hate my front profile right now it's bigger then before the bridge looks wider and there's no real shape but hopefully all just swelling.
You can see an improvement in my sides.

Pics 2 months

Not at all happy with this

Hey, sorry I haven't updated for a while I've been getting quite a few messages but it really has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I am now 5 months post op and SO unhappy I literally want to cry looking at my nose. I don't know how but it is literally disgusting from the front I don't know how dr yap managed it but I have like an angry upside down V nose??? The sides which were supposedly shaved down heaps are bigger then ever before and I'm literally panicking. I don't know what to do, I've used filters before to hide behind my nose but this new hideous thing on my face makes me appreciate what I had already and makes me hide more so behind filters then ever before. I get that I may not be fully healed 5 months but a majority of the swelling should be gone now no? Like how is it possibly getting worse and worse not a bit of improvement.. I have mentioned to dr yap how unhappy I am a few times each time I'm told to be patient as it is 'swelling' I mean my nose feels completely normal now like I don't even feel it's swelling any more and I definitely don't want this on my face forever what the F have I doneeeeee to my face!!!? I know the clinic is currently shut due to a recent patient death during surgery and although when getting my procedure he had offered free revision I don't know if I would like to go back? I mean I think he has one style and for a specific nose which I clearly have not got. Hence my nose is absolute shambles now. I really really want revision already I go back to the UK in a month and will be looking for a doc but I know it will be so expensive makes me regret even doing this to begin with I should have slowed my fast ass self down and been patient and got it done in the UK by a surgeon with experience in my nose type. Honestly my only bit of advice is to you girls LOOK at the surgeons before and after pictures with a patient with a very similar profile to yourself.. I messed up. Most his patients have broad flat noses and want the projection and alarplasty so get implant he even said so himeself I'm the opposite of his patients. Eughhh the new pics are taken literally right now. On my front profile I made a collage of before surgery and now honestly who in their right mind would think it looks better now???


I am literally disgusted at my face now, I tried to remain hopeful but literally I do not see this nose miroclly transforming into a small feminine nose.
He tip is so bulbous, the sides were supposedly shaved down a lot.. WHERE? I literally don't see it. I also had spreader grafts placed to prevent collapsing as he shaved the bridge down 'a lot' now I don't see how or where this was done either??? Post op I was then told spreader grafts make the Bridge wider but only a little but as he sides had been shaved down heaps overall my nose will appear small. Now I have a wide Bridge, massive sides and a fat bulbous tip. My columella is still SO UNEVEN due to awful stitching which I was told will even out.
The fact that I paid money spent time effort to actually look worse then I started has me close to tears everytime I think about it.
I contacted Dr Yap for post operative notes so I can get opinion of another surgeon saying my nose is basically hideous still and there has been no positive change. He encourages me to get a revision with him, I mean for me encouraging a revision to me insinuates you messed up the first time?? I asked him if he honestly thought my nose looked better then what I had already and whether he thinks it is even relatively close to my wish pic and I have received no reply which tells me more then if he had replied nor have I received post operative notes which he said would be prepared for me 5 days ago I'm not actually sure I have any tbh.
We all see and know dr yap loves to show off his patients on Instagram, although the later pictures post op tend to have snapchat filters and angles changed as oppose to the pre op pics. If he thought my nose was relatively nice I know he would have my pics up.
I am so so unhappy with this nose now, my whole face looks off-key I can't explain it.
I stick to what I said about Doc yappy only having one style and anything other then that is beyond his capabilities, so maybe it is my fault or even choosing him. His over confidence pre op convinced me he could do it, I just wish I knew better.

Lies lies & more lies

So as I mentioned prior I'm really considering a revision but never again with Dr Yap so I asked for my post operative notes in order for me to know exactly what was actually done to my nose because I'm honestly not sure I'm so confused as to how my nose looks 10x worse. I honestly had a feeling he would make my notes up as I've said previously visiting the clinic was always chaotic and the staff will individually ask you a MILLION times who you are & why you're there which was always frustrating and I suspected no patient files. So I got sent my postoperative notes a week later which were COMPLETELY made up, not even relative to me at all it said a revision, I had an implant removed, ear cartilage grafting, nasal packing NONE OF WHICH APPLY TO ME it also said stuff like shaving down dorsal hump which I was suppose to have done, spreader grafts and tiplasty although I don't think anything other then spreader grafts are done cos my nose is just massive all around.

Anyway, so I've got really angry when I received my notes understandably as I've trusted you with a key feature on MY FACE and you don't even have a record of what you're doing to your patients? That seems very dodgy to me. So when I've told him he said oh sorry my secretary must have got it wrong.. excuse me? You're secretary must have gotten the information from somewhere right and it had to have been you where else would she pull this information from? He then went on to say well please understand we have a new clinic and we haven't got all our files yet. LOGICALLY assuming in this day and age all his records are on paper and not electronic would it not make sense if these files even exist to mention this prior to sending me completely made up notes? Like you would say 'sorry at the moment we haven't got our files but when we do I can send you the notes' instead he just completely made up whatever her thought I had and passed it on to me hoping it would be more or less correct. I am actually shocked. No professionalism what so ever I should never have trusted him with my face.

I do not believe he has any patient files at all, I don't know what he's done to my face I doubt even he knows now too. His Instagram photos are a deception the first pic you see is headshot with no make up straight angle the later 'improved' post op is with filters make up and flattering angles. Complete deception. Honestly I would really really consider wasting time and money on him. 2 other girls I met at the clinic are also looking for revisions and all the girls that message me on this regarding him are just as unhappy as me.
Dr. Eric Yapjuangco

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