I Wanted Small Changes First Before I Booked a Facelift

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I have really prominent lines on my forehead, my...

I have really prominent lines on my forehead, my nasolabial folds and also marionette lines (around the mouth). I look all droopy and frozen, from too much stress I guess. In five or ten years I may be a candidate for a facelift but I didn’t want to wait that long to see an improvement.

I actually found out about Restylane after seeing an ad for a competitor’s product. That made me look into it further and I went for a consultation to go over all my different options: Juvederm, Radiesse, Botox, Restylane, etc. I made an appointment for Botox first but I backed out. I read too many stories about droopiness and paralysis and it didn’t seem like the safest option. I know there are risks with everything but Botox felt like a bad idea to me. Restylane seemed safer so I rebooked for that.

No complaints from me on the procedure. I was in and out very quickly and hardly felt a thing. I puffed up a little at first but it went down to a more natural look very quickly. I’m very pleased with it. There are still lines in my forehead but they aren’t as pronounced. My nasolabial folds and my marionette lines are also there still, but only slightly and it looks a lot more natural (I expect some creases on a normal adult face).

They said afterwards that it’d probably last close to a year given where and how they injected it and I’ll be very happy if that’s the case. I can do this a few times before I go for the real deal (facelift) and that’s all I wanted.
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