Liposuction: I Am Still Waiting for THE Moment

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I had liposuction in my stomach, waist, inner...

I had liposuction in my stomach, waist, inner thighs and hips in early February, almost a month ago. The recovery is HORRIBLE. I spent the first three days in complete pain despite taking Vicodin like candy, went back for my follow-up - even though I didn’t want to move, let alone leave the house - and then spent the rest of the week watching daytime TV.

After about a week I figured I had to start moving (and I was going crazy just laying around, even if that was all I thought I could do due to the pain) so I started doing little things around the house. The idea of bathing, getting dressed, or doing anything that involved my body was a foreign concept to me. I needed help for everything and my loved ones were invaluable to have around.

A month on I am still REALLY swollen and having a lot of trouble getting around. I have stopped taking most of my medication now because I don’t want to become dependent on it. Sometimes I still need some to sleep though.

I hear people talk about the light at the end of the tunnel but frankly I haven’t seen it yet. My doctor promised I’d be back to normal within 2-3 months but considering where I’m at now I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Right now it’s very demoralizing because I see this swollen, puffed up, bruised person who looks worse than before I had all that surgery. Knowing the pain I went through and seeing that I look WORSE (at least right now) is something I’m having a lot of trouble dealing with. I’m worried that I will fall into a depression by lying around in this state, so I am hopeful it will improve soon.

I’m still waiting for that moment everyone keeps talking about, where everything is healed and I look great. I can’t even imagine it right now.
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