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I Had a Wonderful Experience.


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11 Nov 2016

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I Had a Wonderful Experience.

Dr. Mascaro performed a rhinoplasty on me about four months ago. The result is everything that I had hoped for. I researched all the top plastic surgeons in South Florida and made a list of ones to consult based on their academic credentials and the reviews of their practices. Out of the five doctors that I visited Dr. Mascaro was the clear choice. He spent time discussing my options, made me feel comfortable and then we proceeded. He has an eye and precision for working on the face making altercations for the better without making drastic changes. Though I have been told I will not see a final result until a year post procedure, I am ecstatic with the results so far. I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Mascaro and will return to him if I ever need any other cosmetic surgery.