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I would strongly recommend In SRS

MTF Vaginoplasty

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20 Sep 2016

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I would strongly recommend In SRS

I had SRS 17 years ago in Brazil and unfortunately during healing process I got an infection causing loss of vital tissue (labias and clitoris). Over the years I saw different doctors about the problem as cosmetically was not the way it should look and for my great disappointment the answer had been the same (nothing can be done). I had repair in London, UK, Bangkok in Thailand and about two in Brazil. I learnt to live with the problem which has caused me embarrassment in personal situations. For the last 8 years had not thought of it at all but other things in my life. By chance looking on the web for breast implants operation in India, I came across three clinics but I somehow stood at Olmec. I planned my trip to India to do my breasts and fix my nose. During the consultation the doctor said he could repair my vagina and I did it. The job was perfection! Now I have what I had lost and I am very happy. I would strongly recommend Olmec.