I’m Giving Up on Fillers After I Got No Results with Radiesse - South Carolina, SC

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I have tried all the fillers and given up on them...

I have tried all the fillers and given up on them now. Radiesse is the worst. My problem with fillers is the results are all over the place. Check any forum and you will see people who have had fillers for a year and those who had no results at all. Maybe the 1-year people are fakes from the company but if they’re not then how do you explain this? 0-12 months is a stupid range when you’re charging hundreds or even thousands for a temporary product. So that’s what I have learned about fillers and I have done them all. Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse... I say Radiesse is the worst because I had no results even though I went for three appointments. Three! They’re smart. They market it as not having immediate results to get you back in the chair over and over again. Then when you finally work out that it isn’t going to take, they have 3x the money! I was told Radiesse lasts an average of 12-18 months. Never did they explain to me it might not work until after I complained. Then they told me some line about how everyone reacts differently. I didn’t react! That’s the problem! I don’t understand why this is such a big business. Word of mouth can’t even carry it since there are so many bad reviews out there. People still do it and then they go and write a bad review when they are disappointed. Think first! This doesn’t make any sense! I am off fillers now for good. If I really want to get rid of wrinkles I will wait five years till I’m really bad and get a facelift. Then I will have a leg to stand on and sue if I don’t have results from it, unlike with Radiesse and all the rest of the fillers on the market where no results fall within the normal range.
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